Translation of resource in Spanish:


recurso, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈsɔrs//rɪˈsɔːs//rɪˈzɔːs//ˈriˌsɔrs/


  • 1

    (sth useful, helpful)
    recurso masculine
    natural/mineral resources recursos naturales/minerales
    • human resources recursos humanos
    • the hospital is starved of resources el hospital sufre una carencia absoluta de recursos / medios
    • the new center is a valuable resource for the community el nuevo centro es un valioso servicio para la comunidad
    • teaching resources material didáctico
    • left to their own resources librados a sus propios medios / recursos
    • before noun resource center centro que suministra información, asesoramiento etc
    • He has already shown us that he is a man of resource. So why don't we have a quiet dinner, then go and see an opera?
    • The Indians adapted to the invasion, indicating they were not a passive and static element, and adopted a new resource use strategy that tied their fate to that of the bison.
    • It's a day to remember that keeping one half of humankind under life-long subjugation through unwritten laws and warped thinking is a waste of talent and human resource.
    • The book shows Washington not only as a man of resource, strength, and virtue, but also as a man with deeply held religious values.
    • He did not rely on his own resource, friendship with Pharaoh or past accomplishments.
    • She knew she was pushing her intellectual resource beyond its limit.
    • These results imply that males adaptively change their resource allocation strategy during the course of the season.
    • It is not because of any limit in Divine resource and ability, for God has none.
  • 2formal

    recursos masculine
    a woman of considerable resource una mujer de muchos recursos