Translation of respectful in Spanish:


respetuoso, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈspɛk(t)fəl//rɪˈspɛk(t)f(ə)l//rɪˈspɛk(t)fʊl/


  • 1

    (conduct/person/words) respetuoso
    respectful toward sb respetuoso con algn
    • Maybe they feel like there should be a respectful silence during a round of golf.
    • There was a respectful silence of a few seconds while the others internalised this concept.
    • He's a fantastic young man, is very respectful and comes highly recommended.
    • In the early days, the novels received some respectful reviews and won a small band of devoted admirers.
    • So, be tolerant and respectful, but also keep a sense of humour and remember how to laugh.
    • If someone wants to be polite and respectful to me, the best thing I can do is be the same back to them.
    • They were very courteous and helpful and I tried to be respectful by covering my hair with a black scarf.
    • He didn't achieve much at school in academic terms but he was respectful of his elders and listened to them.
    • I'm very proud of the film and I think I've been truthful and respectful of his work.
    • For this reason the town will fall silent and its residents will pay their own respectful tribute today.
    • It is important that self-inflicted injuries are responded to in a calm and respectful manner.
    • We should, therefore, be respectful of them rather than rushing to judgement.
    • The children themselves kept a respectful distance, which is perfectly understandable.
    • From beginning to end they remained meek and respectful in the presence of their mother and aunt.
    • She's respectful, polite and particularly helpful when it comes to clearing away the dishes.
    • Hundreds of people drew near her grave and police had to be called in to hold them back and keep a respectful distance.
    • They waited as the boat drew alongside, still keeping a respectful distance.
    • It was civil, mutually respectful, completely lacking in any personal animosity.
    • Unlike us, she will be mindful of the dangers; respectful of the distance and her rivals.
    • All we are asking is that we be treated in a respectful manner and spoken to in a respectable tone of voice.
  • 2formal

    respectful of sth respetuoso de algo