Translation of restrain in Spanish:


contener, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈstreɪn//rɪˈstreɪn/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (prisoner/dog/maniac) contener
    (desire/anger) dominar
    (anger/desire) contener
    (anger/desire) refrenar
    to restrain sb from sth
    • I had a hard time restraining my husband from hitting him me costó trabajo impedir que mi marido le pegara / contener a mi marido para que no le pegara
    • an order restraining the company from building on the site una orden judicial que prohíbe a la compañía construir en el predio
    • Three were restraining Gregory, whose volatile personality had turned foul.
    • I growled in frustration and barely restrained myself from ripping the next shirt I grabbed (a beautiful dark green silk, one of my favorites) into pieces.
    • He reached a hand forward, and Sydney restrained herself out of some strange sense of pride from flinching.
    • Stevie shut his eyes tight, restraining himself, trying to hold his anticipation in check.
    • Then there are people restraining me, and I'm fighting them, stamping hard on feet and lashing out with my body.
    • But as Tirzah ran to kiss her brother, her mother restrained her: they were ‘unclean’ outcasts.
    • She made no other movement as the doctors restrained her to the sickbed, just laying there and contemplating furiously.
    • As many of us know from our cops and robbers days, handcuffs are used for restraining someone.
    • Finally, he reached into his knapsack, removing a pair of handcuffs and leg shackles to restrain Nathan.
    • At first, I managed to restrain myself, but then I heard a suppressed giggle from the veranda and made the mistake of turning round.
    • I restrained myself from screaming in anguish.
    • Sammi jumped up from her seat as two musclemen restrained her from leaving the booth.
    • Aridene nodded in the direction of the ropes that were presently restraining her.
    • Hightail ran with her cubs and around them, excited by their game, barely restraining herself from joining it.
    • After being restrained by two people, Esther calms down.
    • I didn't want him restraining the need to hug her.
    • Lisa rolled her eyes and restrained the urge to tap her foot impatiently.
    • I looked up and saw the blonde boy from the checkout, restraining my attacker so tightly that the veins in his arms were popping out, his teeth were clenched and his green eyes were ablaze with fury.
    • Emotional possession refers to experiences wherein impulses which are ordinarily restrained are strongly stimulated.
    • My left foot became wedged within the glass itself and it felt as if a tight fitting shackle were restraining me.
    • ‘That looks awful,’ she said, restraining all urges to make a noise of pain.
    • Gabrielle ground her teeth contemptuously, restraining herself from yelling back.
    • ‘Hello sir,’ he said, restraining his urge to jump away from Hope and coolly released her with a gentle pat on the back before holding his hand out to Daniel.
    • With difficulty, she restrained herself from getting emotional as a result of his sudden kindness.
    • I was very tempted to grab the ketchup and smear it all over the front of his white dress shirt and his designer jeans but I restrained myself and noted with great relief that the next table over wanted a refill.
    • The Marshall stepped between them and physically restrained Ben.
    • Angelo is a very cold person with no feelings and has restrained himself tremendously throughout his life.
    • I just stood there and watched powerlessly, as T.J.'s dad violently struggled to restrain his son from running off.
    • It took Rhea almost an hour to finally locate this long-lost friend and guardian, and she restrained herself from running into the room.
    • I restrained myself from commenting on the disgusting habit.
    • His shoulders were shaking in an attempt to restrain himself and appear strong in front of his brother.
    • She was acting contrary to the woman's legal right not to be physically restrained.
    • I said with a smile and suddenly I had the urge to bend down and kiss her but I restrained myself from acting my wish.
    • Detective 1 was explaining to me how it's extremely difficult to restrain someone without hurting them.
    • Then, while all of the security guards are busy restraining the ruffians, walk straight backstage and wait for an opportunity to talk to whomever you want.
    • But before I could make my dramatic exit, Chad appeared out of nowhere and grabbed my wrist, restraining me from movement.
    • When Sheree tried to go with him, her father physically restrained her.
    • Finally, psychiatrists in Britain and India diverged on the issue of restraining violent patients.
    • She gave up surprisingly easy, and was quickly carted into isolation, restrained by handcuffs.
    • I replied, unable to restrain my fast spreading grin.

reflexive verb

  • 1

    to restrain oneself refrenarse
    • I was so furious, I just couldn't restrain myself estaba tan furioso que no pude contenerme / refrenarme
    • I can't restrain myself: I must have a cigarette no aguanto más, tengo que fumarme un cigarrillo