Translation of restrained in Spanish:


moderado, adj.

Pronunciation /rɪˈstreɪnd//rəˈstreɪnd/


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    (words/behavior/person) moderado
    (behavior/person/words) comedido
    (person/words/behavior) medido Southern Cone
    (colors/style) sobrio
    he is very restrained in the way he dresses es muy sobrio en el vestir
    • Field's film has two spectacular performances, by Sissy Spacek and Tom Wilkinson, though the overall tone is rather restrained and poetic.
    • The principal rooms are finished with a restrained elegance.
    • The count displays the inner calm, the ideal of restrained, and learned manners required of a gentleman.
    • A restrained yet upbeat percussion on tracks such as ‘My Beautiful White Dog’ are a nice counterpoint to the overall melancholy of the disk.
    • In its place is a relentlessly restrained duet on which Tricky shadows the breathy lead vocal by new collaborator Constanza Francavilla in a voice that barely rises above a whisper.
    • Their restrained, sober forms and motifs characterise what is now known as the ‘Queen Anne’ style.
    • Her latest work, Geometry of Quiet, which received its North American premiere, shows Brown in a mood of restrained, judiciously measured eloquence.
    • Now, in the restrained language of the central bank, a substantial further fall in the inflation rate would be ‘unwelcome.’
    • Alexander Sokurov has a surprisingly ornate clock in his otherwise cool and restrained St Petersburg flat.
    • Bambooque developed his own moderate and restrained form.
    • Even when talking in the most restrained of voices, Hugo's lilt would still rise up above all others.
    • Despite the presence of a couple of slightly more restrained pieces (including the closing ‘Japan’), Humcrush is packed with incident.
    • Back in Florence by 1564, he was soon involved in Vasari's projects, though painting in a more restrained and monumental style than Vasari's extreme Mannerism.
    • Closed, the cabinet appears as a minimalist cube - a solid and restrained form that belies its complex and interactive quality.
    • The silent feature marked his move from silly comedies to the restrained and earnest dramas that would establish his reputation as a world-class filmmaker.
    • Mary Astor and Cecil Kellaway turn in more restrained performances, and Astor in particular brings a weary gravity to her role that's quite effective.
    • The architects have woven a rich tapestry of restrained luxury into the constrained fabric of an early nineteenth century neoclassical seminary of high heritage significance.
    • The restrained colour palette of whites teamed with off-white limestone-effect floors and a range of pale fittings enhances the already powerful sense of natural light.
    • The vivacity of former years gave way to a more restrained and meditative art.
    • Throughout Misery is a Butterfly, all recording tracks share this remarkably restrained touch.
    • Metallic fabrics broke the monotony of a restrained colour palette dominated by greys and blush pink.
    • In Delicious Chemistry the elements of restrained instrumentation, intelligent arrangement and superbly controlled vocals come together into a powerful compound.
    • The choice of this elegant townhouse space gave the exhibition a relatively restrained tone, especially in light of Geers's reputation as a provocateur.
    • To his credit, it is one of the most restrained and subtle disks I have heard in a long time with many very nice moments that will definitely keep me coming back for a listen from time to time.
    • By contrast, a Scottish artiste might play to sodden Glasgow shipwrights, a restrained middle class audience and a temperance rally in the same week.
    • The style is heightened by the restrained color palette and decidedly retro feel to the animation.
    • The restrained colors and the lack of multicolored pictures create the image of a solid, reliable product - and the new mainboard from ASUS is exactly like that.
    • Al Pacino, with a superbly restrained and world-weary performance, plays Will Dormer, a detective who has come to Alaska to help the local police solve the violent death of a teenage girl.
    • His mother's restrained manner, in addition to decreased work hours, wear out and depress Paul so much that he suffers greatly.
    • This is simply too much visual clutter for a site that should be treated with restrained dignity.
    • The restrained editing style heightens the intensity and allows greater scrutiny of the characters.
    • His conception of a restrained aristocratic manliness is as applicable to the potentially hubristic - or tyrannical - prince as it is to the courtier.
    • The same sale yielded another star lot evocative of time and place: a pair of rosewood bedside steps-cabinets with restrained gilt decoration and marble tops.
    • Vickers understood the nature of evil and the essence of Britten's ambivalence; his robust tenor voice was more convincing than the restrained tones of the reedy Pears.
    • He gave his dynamic Futurist paintings a Cubist conception of space, often combined with the extremely restrained colours that characterized the work of Picasso and Braque at this time.
    • Osmosis Part 1 is a wheeling, plaintively calling piece with restrained, squeezed-chord electronics from Frisell.