Translation of restrict in Spanish:


limitar, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈstrɪkt//rɪˈstrɪkt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (numbers) limitar
    (access/freedom/power) restringir
    (freedom/power/access) limitar
    (movements/imports) restringir
    to restrict sth/sb to sth
    • speeches were restricted to five minutes each la duración de cada discurso estaba limitada a / no podía exceder de cinco minutos
    • discussion was restricted to one issue la discusión se limitó a un solo asunto
    • access is restricted to authorized personnel solo se permite la entrada al personal autorizado
    • she restricted herself to one glass se limitó a tomarse una sola copa
    • they were restricted to barracks estaban detenidos en el cuartel
    • Although the movement restrictions are restricting business, farmers must use the livestock markets or risk losing them altogether.
    • But the Minister, under pressure from the farming unions, failed to restrict cattle movements.
    • Such digging, if not properly planned and executed, can damage or destroy tree root systems, restrict tree root growth, and alter subsurface soil water movement.
    • Trees and shrubs close to the lagoon restrict air flow and block sunlight that algae need to produce oxygen.
    • For this reason, the Act restricts the creditor's right to terminate the contract, even in cases where his decision is not motivated by the debtor's default but is based on a specific termination clause in the agreement.
    • To what extent do you agree or disagree that governments should be allowed to restrict the the import of goods which they believe may be damaging to the health of the population?
    • Third, money laundering is conducted as a way of handling illegal gains, and so stopping the laundering should restrict the committing of those other crimes.
    • Latest figures show that industrial and service resources are being stretched to the full, restricting growth and hampering new investment.
    • The Town planning act restricts the way it can advertise outside and inside its buildings.
    • Government policy has tried to stop or at least restrict slash-and-burn cultivation, both in Finland earlier and in the tropics today.
    • The 1996 law severely restricts the ability of federal courts to overturn decisions in state trials.
    • First, like all historical research grounded in the archive, comparative international analysis is restricted by the availability of source data.
    • He argued that in the long run export trade would be restricted by the tariff barrier to importation.
    • Tax deductible motor running expenses will also be restricted by reference to this new limit from December 1999.
    • That a patent holder's rights can sometimes be restricted by competition law is controversial.
    • State and local regulations restrict smoking in a culture that further discourages it.
    • We are told the outage impacted a majority of customers, as well as restricting the company's own access to the system.
    • Patent holders can charge a license fee for their invention and restrict who uses it.
    • Efforts to create water user associations in rural areas were limited by laws restricting their right to collect and spend their own money.
    • A restrictive clause is one which limits, or restricts, the scope of the noun it is referring to.