Translation of resurrection in Spanish:


resurrección, n.

Pronunciation /rɛzəˈrɛkʃ(ə)n//ˌrɛzəˈrɛkʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (from death)
    resurrección feminine
    the Resurrection la Resurrección
    • However, if this art is taken in the context of the other information I have presented, it suggests that physical resurrection was of secondary importance to the eternal life of the soul.
    • Khepri was the sacred scarab, whom the Egyptians believed was associated with the power of renewal, rebirth and resurrection.
    • Laid by Hickman in a silk-lined coffin with a hidden breathing tube, Bliss enacts phony resurrections for the gullible public.
    • Both works, fittingly for Easter, deal with notions of resurrection.
    • The figure's arms and hands seem assembled or stitched together, as if in some scientific or medical experiment - or, as the title suggests, a miracle of resurrection.
    • The Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte used the bee as a symbol of immortality and resurrection.
    • The resurrection that characters such as Zelmane experience will for Sidney occur only through the commemorations enacted by his continuers.
    • Thus failures were often attributed to the patient being beyond the reach of medical intervention; successes were presented as dramatic resurrections.
    • Many of these cults offered beliefs in the resurrection of the body after death.
    • He creates stunning film images: reassembling a torn flower, elegant centaurs, his own death and resurrection at the hands of Athena.
    • Wagar cites other examples of resurrections from the dead, which in fact have occurred, yet he falls short of mentioning who raised them from the dead.
    • Beginning with lyrical descriptions of visions experienced by the narrator, we develop expectations of a narrative arc that follows the structure of religious conversion or resurrection.
    • Indeed, the entire ensemble was eschatological in import, a visual salute to the big themes of existence - life, death, memory and resurrection.
    • This tiny model carved from ivory symbolises the rebirth, or resurrection, that follows death (in this case that of the child Jenny Jones) or archetypally, all that is human.
    • It also made a great counterpoint to the shamanic stuff I've been immersed in, as initiations so often feature a ritual death and resurrection.
    • What they do not agree on is whether there will be a future resurrection for anyone else.
    • There are hints of a lost love and a past disloyalty, but it isn't until the film moves into its final third that we understand the forces underlying Marianne's resurrection.
    • The concern with physical resurrection expressed in post-Reformation epithets and memorial inscriptions indicates a new role for the physical remains of the dead in the life to come.
    • He confirmed the doctrine of saintly intercession and also saw relics as confirming the promise of future resurrection.
    • Sonia's patient love for him finally breaks through and Raskolnikov experiences rebirth and resurrection.
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    resurrección feminine
    • The idea of an existential allegory featuring a pair of characters trapped in a sand-pit for two hours sounds stultifying at best, but this is one resurrection that can be welcomed.
    • One would think that everything has already been said about Carmen - the character, the novel, the opera, and her infinite resurrections in the last one hundred years of plenitude-and that we might as well let her rest in peace.
    • We all keenly await the resurrection of the matter and a thorough investigation must commence immediately.
    • His first resignation and subsequent political resurrection, only confirmed him as a figure of political hate.
    • Rather it is a wide-ranging, cultural examination of the slow rise, rapid decline, and possible resurrection of the American elm in the American landscape.
    • ‘Rumors of a renaissance do not resurrection make,’ he notes soberingly.
    • Of Hodson's three resurrections of Nijinsky choreography, the eighteen-minute Till, calling for more than fifty dancers and set to Richard Strauss's 1895 tone poem of the same name, may have the least evidence to stand on.
    • A TV movie in 1996 revived interest in the show, but no full-scale resurrection was forthcoming… until now.
    • Many tracks hint at the notion that Deerhoof decided to make an entirely different album this time around, but counterbalancing these advancements are decidedly flat resurrections of past glories.
    • Sherlock Holmes, the fictional Victorian detective whose global popularity continues to this day, has had more imagined resurrections than Elvis.
    • It was one of history's most dramatic and complete political resurrections.
    • The time is nigh for the resurrection of these long-forgotten principles.
    • But Dark Shadows has been in reruns for the past 29 years, including recent resurrection on the sci-fi channel at one a.m.
    • Water assumes its traditional meanings of death, resurrection and renewal.
    • By now, the story of Weill's rise and fall and late-career resurrection as the King of Capital is the stuff of Wall Street legend.
    • There is no more obvious symbol of vitality and resurrection than the annual regeneration of flowering plants, she says.
    • One of the more dramatic resurrections in recent cinema history has seen Peter Fonda bring back his debut film as director, The Hired Hand.
    • Because Confucianism is immensely old, it has experienced set-backs and resurrections before.
    • Second, the web is organic, growing daily, so new ‘degenerate’ sites regularly emerge and also resurrections of banned sites spring up in new places.
    • Levine continues the great fiction of a self that contains multitudes, folding more and more characters from his real and imagined life into poems that seem less like elegies than resurrections.