Translation of retaining wall in Spanish:

retaining wall

muro de contención, n.

Pronunciation /riˈteɪnɪŋ wɔl//rəˈteɪnɪŋ/


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    muro de contención masculine
    • The walls, when constructed, were retaining walls along a road to hold up the slope that would lead to the wall to stop things falling onto the road.
    • The wall he happened to hit was the primary retaining wall for the entire building.
    • Faced with an acute shortage of labour at the end of the 1960s, along with escalating costs, growers began to look for alternatives to the tiny, step-like terraces built with high retaining walls in the 19th century.
    • Vineyard terraces are supported by small retaining walls known as feixes, made with the stones picked up during the initial weeding out of the land prior to cultivation.
    • Enclosed by hefty stone retaining walls, the terraces are transformed into strips of garden, with horticultural tools neatly stashed in a storage area underneath the studio.
    • On the north side, a retaining wall wraps protectively around the chapel, diverting water that undermined the foundations of the original church.
    • When they made Stanners Street, they constructed retaining walls, built the building and back-filled the whole thing with clay.
    • Exquisitely poised in space, the pool is a tranquil, glassy mirror, reflecting a luxuriant green wall of bamboo sprouting above the retaining wall.
    • After grading, stone or wood retaining walls can be used to retain the soil around the edge of the undisturbed area.
    • On a hillside, the extended terrace would be supported by retaining walls.
    • Tom and his engineer, Jay Taylor, came up with a design that uses a series of giant trusses anchored into massive concrete retaining walls and the sea wall itself.
    • The number of bricks used for the huge retaining walls through which railways entered towns and cities is incalculable.
    • Landscaping is very thoughtful, with retaining walls and terraces cut with almost Inca sensitivity and precision into the arid slopes.
    • Gardeners in search of ideas for inventive hardscapes will savor one-of-a-kind terraces, staircases, and retaining walls.
    • As an integral structural element, the spine wall provided the western wall for buildings on the lower terrace and a retaining wall for fill supporting buildings on the upper terrace.
    • The room's eastern wall is a single-faced retaining wall supporting dense stone fill behind it on the east.
    • As an alternative to simply tossing them in landfills, old railroad ties are commonly used around the home as landscaping barriers and retaining walls.
    • To get in, you descend through a stair wedged in the cleft between the two retaining walls, to emerge in the tranquillity of the courtyard below.
    • Little now survives beyond the well-built retaining walls, reinforced by a series of semicircular niches, and three towers, one of which is considered to have been a lighthouse.
    • A large retaining wall forms the northern or back wall of the building.