Translation of retaliate in Spanish:


tomar represalias, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈtæliˌeɪt//rɪˈtalɪeɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    tomar represalias
    • Miller, 36, says she complained more than a dozen times to bosses at all levels but was retaliated against for doing so.
    • Cecil watched his opponent warily, ready to retaliate at the merest hint of an attack.
    • The tiger only learned to avoid people when their abilities to retaliate increased over the last two centuries.
    • The five retaliated, attacking with their weapons and powers.
    • At lunch, someone had flicked a spoonful of peas at Maya, and she had retaliated by chucking the rest of her lasagne at Travis Jones, the shooting guard for the varsity team.
    • Dupree slapped Jericho, and Jericho retaliated with punches, elbows and chops.
    • We're not doing this to be retaliating or for retribution or revenge.
    • She had retaliated by pretending not to notice, chatting enthusiastically with Colin and laughing whenever he said even the slightest thing funny.
    • A company can be ordered to pay substantial damages, including back pay, for retaliating against whistle-blowers.
    • I had expected them to immediately retaliate with nasty comments.
    • Shaking the snow from his hair, Devon immediately moved to retaliate, bombarding Max with amazingly well aimed snowballs until he took refuge behind his father.
    • Before he had time to retaliate or respond, she picked up her tray and retreated towards the door that led to the kitchen.
    • George heaped scorn upon what he considered a pseudoscience, and the economists retaliated in kind.
    • If insulted, he retaliated swiftly and turned mockery against its instigator.
    • I should have been prepared for her to retaliate and take revenge on me.
    • Feodor moved quickly to the left to dodge the attack and quickly retaliated.
    • In the formulation presented here, if a firm cheats on a scheme to restrict output, the cheating is detected after one period of cheating, and other firms retaliate immediately.
    • The other guards quickly jumped to attention and retaliated with counter-fire.
    • Surprised, she danced back a step, then retaliated with an attack again absorbed by my shield.
    • Delia and Sam tried to stop him but he immediately got back up in attempt to retaliate.
  • 2

    he retaliated by cutting her allowance respondió quitándole la mesada
    • the team retaliated by scoring two goals within a minute el equipo reaccionó / respondió convirtiendo dos goles en menos de un minuto
    • to retaliate against sb/sth tomar represalias contra algn/algo