Translation of retch in Spanish:


hacer arcadas, v.

Pronunciation /rɛtʃ//rɛtʃ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer arcadas
    the sight of it made her retch verlo la hizo hacer arcadas
    • She was coughing and retching and her whole body was shaking in my arms.
    • Gabriel was very much awake, leaning over one side of the cot, coughing and retching as phlegm emitted from his mouth and fell to the floor.
    • But the air was suddenly clean and clear and he was coughing so much he almost retched and Abby was coughing, too, sounding like she had pneumonia.
    • He began to violently retch, through nausea rather than any serious problem.
    • And suddenly a wave of nausea hit him, so that he had to lean his head against the side of the car and retch.
    • Pain relief therefore meant pills, but Bea can't stand taking tablets - she retches, chokes and finds it virtually impossible to swallow them, and these were massive.
    • In my room, I did what I could of my homework, until the urge to retch was too strong.
    • In between the sounds of his gagging and retching, he sobbed wildly, gasping for breath, barely able to breathe.
    • The thought made her retch, though her stomach was long empty.
    • Bile rises within me and I retch emptily, my sight blurring as the tears begin to fall.
    • I was hanging over the edge of the bed, gagging and retching, though mercifully nothing was coming out.
    • She still feels nauseous, so forces a finger down her throat but manages just a dry retch.
    • It makes choking and gasping noises, retching and hacking and throwing itself across the grass with incredible force.
    • Ask a 5-year-old if he wants zucchini with his dinner, and he'll probably produce retching sounds loud enough to startle the neighbors and scare the dog.
    • She had seen him sweat and shake and retch in the grip of his craving.
    • I tasted bile and retched again, my stomach jerking agonizingly.
    • Ray had to cover her mouth and nose, trying to prevent herself from retching as the smell reached her sensitive nostrils.
    • Just a dry retch was all I could manage.
    • Standing up quickly, she watched the boy roll around on the floor pathetically, crying, gasping and retching.
    • Within seconds, Evin could faintly be heard retching behind the door.