Translation of retell in Spanish:


volver a contar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌriˈtɛl//riːˈtɛl/

transitive verbretold

  • 1

    volver a contar
    contar de nuevo
    retold in English by J. H. Shepherd versión y adaptación inglesa de J. H. Shepherd
    • Her savior of the previous night had missed his cue in the dance, and the story was retold in a different version.
    • A differently important story is that of the novel's narrator, who improvises, discovers her mistakes, and retells a story that refigures the past but remains nonetheless historical.
    • Raija's eyes was wide with astonishment as Raven retold the story of his father's victory.
    • With a voice so void of emotion it was hollow, the child retold his story and details of his escape.
    • Varda begins to retell the story of Baudelaire's later life, and then reads his poems, using the images of neo-classical Paris, in the guise of the caryatids, to evoke the melancholy feelings created by the poetry.
    • Hogwarts retells the story of Harry's birth, fame, and miracle survival from Voltemart's rage.
    • Not a lot of words had been spoken after Alec retold the story of what happened to him.
    • Younger generations will continue to learn from Friday Tembo as a father, an artist and a mentor, just as they will retell his stories of the way it is.
    • Claudia MacTeer retells the story of possibly why the marigolds did not bloom in the year of 1941 in Lorain, Ohio.
    • Recently he has sent me an excerpt from a book by John Bushnell in which he retells the story as he heard it from other witnesses.
    • Latourette's narrative sought to follow the canons of good history - retelling the story on the basis of good evidence.
    • Her story is retold as a myth of origin for the nation, but not in any kind of straightforward way.
    • The story we tell about the ages of home leaving in the twentieth century U.S. expands upon and retells a story told by other historians.
    • Ancient vases and carvings tell the story of the war, but whether they are retelling myth or history remains unknown.
    • The title of this volume sets the tone by its reference to a long poem that retells a classical story.
    • Doubtless some of the children who had memorised Perrault's ‘Red Riding Hood’ in their classrooms were able to retell the story verbatim to credulous tale collectors.
    • As eager journalists told and retold the story of their naval valor, lieutenant Hobson's celebrity grew.
    • A teen boy, recently diagnosed with leukemia, retold the story of why he was hospitalized from his platelets' point of view.
    • There are two narrators: Felipe and his anonymous friend who retells the story he was told at the age of twelve by Felipe.
    • Eloquent on workers' aspirations, Lyons retells their stories, creating a flowing account of t heir tastes in literature and growing awareness of their own interests.