Translation of retire in Spanish:


jubilarse, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈtaɪ(ə)r//rɪˈtʌɪə/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (from job, occupation)
    (teacher/civil servant) jubilarse
    (civil servant/teacher) retirarse
    (soldier) retirarse (del servicio activo)
    (athlete/footballer) retirarse
    they retired to Florida cuando se jubilaron se fueron a vivir a Florida
    • she retired from public life se alejó de la vida pública
    • she's planning to retire from the stage piensa dejar la actividad teatral
    • the retiring treasurer was given a gold watch el tesorero saliente / que se retiraba fue obsequiado con un reloj de oro
    • The clincher came December 20 when Michelena, the sport's living legend, announced he was retiring.
    • The place was a relic, a museum piece, preserved like a man who stops shopping for clothes the day he retires and spends the next thirty years living in limbo and the same pair of nylon trousers.
    • Brought up in Bangor, Maine, Rudom became a professional basketball player before retiring at 30.
    • Edwin reluctantly retired from work in 1889 aged 84.
    • When a superstar retires, the price is based on his racetrack performance.
    • I've prematurely retired from international football because I did not want to go to the African Nations Cup.
    • In fact, after he retired and was free full time, he knew exactly what he wanted to do.
    • The Government reckons that at least three million people are facing poverty in their old age and that up to ten million more are looking at a huge drop in living standards when they retire.
    • After retiring from the Bears in 1934, he became a football broadcaster on radio and then television, widely admired as a remarkably modest football hero, one of the greatest of all time.
    • He seems to have retired from printmaking in the late 1820s, though he did contribute illustrations for books even quite late in his life.
    • Although Paul Jenkins has retired from his post as archivist, that does not mean that he will stop researching the meanings of photographs.
    • Afterwards, the gutsy halfback became even more determined to finish his career as a player - not retired forever through injury.
    • She was forced to withdraw from the Rome Olympics in 1960 because of a hamstring injury, and retired.
    • Contrary to media reports this week, South African batsman, Daryll Cullinan has not officially retired from international cricket.
    • Freddy made a face that was full of sorrow, as if he was being asked to retire from the major leagues.
    • At the age of 70 I retired from college teaching because of the ever-widening age difference between that of the instructor and his students.
    • His major league officiating career spanned three decades, from 1954 to 1978, when he retired as an umpire in the American League.
    • Winterbottom recently retired from Hutcheson & Co in Victoria, having spent 33 years in public practice in the local area.
    • Having retired from the stage, she devotes some time to masterclasses.
    • Gaddis retired from a fifty-year teaching career in 1997.
    • Payments stop when you return to work, retire or die.
    • Key players moved on to other careers or retired.
    • Bernie Mac is Stan Ross, a Milwaukee Brewer who hits his 3,000th hit during a pennant race and instantly retires after snatching the souvenir ball away from the kid who catches it.
    • Hellé did not retire immediately from racing, but her story now was one of betrayal, impoverishment and obscurity.
    • He retired after almost eight years in the sport.
    • He said he recently retired after 53 years working and found it was extraordinary how life passes so quickly.
    • Bird was my favorite player and when he retired from basketball, I lost interest in the game.
    • The family lived in Carrington Street, New Plymouth, after relocating when Frederick Watson retired from the bank in Bulls.
    • She played for several years before retiring with repetition strain injury.
    • He had been a merchant seaman man and boy, covering some fifty years and he was so accustomed to shouting just to be heard that he couldn't stop doing it now that he'd retired.
    • Fixed annuities help stabilize income from investments, and are most commonly used by people who are not fully participating in the workforce, are about to retire or have retired.
    • Only the nobility were allowed to take part in jousting tournaments though Henry VIII had to retire from the sport as he was seriously injured in a jousting tournament in 1536.
    • Beginning with an instructorship at Yale in 1909, he taught on a full-time basis for 51 years until retiring in 1960 at the age of 80.
    • He retired from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001, after teaching there for 35 years.
    • When Robert retired from teaching, his appetite for taking pictures grew until he was, in effect, a full-time amateur photographer.
    • He competed in four Olympic Games and did not retire from professional athletics until 1995.
    • His partners included almost all of the ballerinas who rose to fame between 1936 and 1962, when he retired from the stage.
    • After retiring from sports, he ran a private practice in Orange, California, for many years.
    • After retiring from the sport in 1994, Chris decided to continue his involvement in a volunteer capacity.
    • Well I'm sorry to hear that you are retiring from playing.
  • 2

    • 2.1formal (retreat, withdraw)

      • Even the old washer-woman, though her features be hooded and in weathered high-relief, has to retire to her humble quarters and stop laundering.
      • The two finished their dance and then Krista retired to her room saying she was tired.
      • Dennis, be careful from now on, I must retire back to my retreat, but it'll be a long time before you do.
      • What's more, she preferred her own bedroom to any other area of the house and would often retire there when visitors arrived.
      • At the outbreak of the Civil War he retired to Montgomery Castle and declined to become involved.
      • All competitors please retire with me to the castle, that is all.
      • I left the bathroom as she began to prepare for a shower and retired to the couch bed, where I had been sleeping for the past few weeks!
      • Later that evening after they had all finished their Christmas dinner, Sam retired to the window seat to read one of the new books she had gotten from Bryant.
      • Ashen threw his hands in the air and then retired to a stone wall, leaning against it.
      • And feeling irritated, I retired to the bathroom where I sat on the floor scowling for a great deal of the evening.
      • After dinner was finished, Audrey retired to the drawing room, where she began reading in a feeble attempt to divert her mind from the day's activities.
      • The day ended, I retired to my dorm room in boredom, finishing more homework and watching as Bridget fluttered back and forth between her bed and the bathroom.
      • At half-past seven the onlookers had retired to safe positions five or six hundred yards away.
      • More and more children retired to playing indoors as September dragged on.
      • On the fifth day after Landon died, the wind came to a complete stop and Shane retired to her cabin.
      • He performed similar services for Becky then made a sign of blessing on both girls before he also retired to the sideline.
      • We could think of nothing to say, and neither could they, so we finished our breakfast, and retired to our room less than ten minutes later.
      • Again retiring to the bathroom to shower, I was faced by the mirror as soon as I closed the door behind me.
      • As soon as they had done that, they then retired to re-load at the base of the hill.
      • They retired on a bench nearby watching the other games.

    • 2.2Military

      (troops) retirarse
      (troops) replegarse
      (troops) batirse en retirada
      • There was a short skirmish with enemy cavalry near Taliaferro's Mill, but they quickly retired.
      • The great black dragon was forced to retire from the fight.
      • Yermati led a tactical retreat and the elves retired to their kingdom.
      • To the north of Ypres the Germans, by employing a large quantity of asphyxiating bombs, the effect of which was felt for a distance of a mile and a quarter behind our lines, succeeded in forcing us to retire.
      • Allies advance in big counter-attack - ‘French troops had to retire overwhelmed by fumes,’ says Sir J French

    • 2.3(from sporting contest)

      he retired with an injured ankle abandonó el campo de juego con un tobillo lesionado
      • Stephens retired with clutch problems Stephens abandonó (la carrera) por problemas de embrague

    • 2.4formal humorous (go to bed)

      retirarse a sus aposentos formal humorous
      • After eating a light dinner of grilled chicken salad and apple juice, she retired early.
      • I retired early and slept until evening, and deeply at that.
      • Father always retired early, he had to commute every morning.
      • MaryAnn wasn't worried about Lizzie because Lizzie rarely had plans for a Saturday night and usually retired early.
      • She ignored her parents completely, and retired to her room early.
      • Initially, Sabine was exhausted from whatever she had done, and retired early after supper.
      • Anmar retired early, but the first watch ended with his lamp still lit.
      • That evening, after our major discovery and our major story telling, we retired fairly early.
      • When I finally retired to bed, exhausted, she was still reading.
      • I spent the day doing nothing and retired early.
      • After dinner William retired to bed earlier than normal to get the rest his body was craving.
      • Everyone had retired in their tents and fell asleep.
      • Cathy seemed very anxious to get Nelly to bed, and kept looking at her watch, finally retiring early to bed.
      • Late that night, after everyone had retired, I sat up in bed, listening to the chirps of the night creatures.
      • She had to talk to him about Edur before the wine went to his head and he insisted upon retiring to bed early.
      • David retired to bed early, but she stayed up much later, asking Sarah questions about the city, but never getting a direct answer.
      • The music started to die down, and the king announced for everyone to retire for the night.
      • The seven retired to bed early that night, their bones aching.
      • For a lady of one hundred and four years she is good, but retires early to help with breakfast at six in the morning.
      • Black, his wife Melinda, and his daughter Caroline all retired fairly early, each moving into their separate rooms after bidding the travelers a good night.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (from job)
    everyone over 60 was compulsorily retired obligaron a jubilarse a todos los mayores de 60 años
  • 2

    (shares/bonds) redimir
    • Their issues of paper currency were retired at their original purchasing-power values; depreciation was not a serious problem.
    • But many students are unable to retire their credit card balances before they enter the working world.
    • Most discussions of the surplus involve retirement of the publicly held debt, but once this debt has been retired, the surplus has to be redirected elsewhere.
    • If they feel it is advantageous for them to retire their current bonds and secure a lower rate by issuing new bonds, they may call their bonds.
    • After the war ended in 1816, these taxes were repealed and instead a high tariff was passed to retire the accumulated war debt.
    • Instead, Congress cranked up the printing press and called on the states to levy taxes to retire the bills.
    • When your clients are running late on their payments, it is unlikely that they will be able to retire the entire balance in one payment.
  • 3

    (in baseball)
    (batter) retirar
    • A pitcher retires the first two batters in the top of the first inning.
    • Scobie took the mound for the seventh, retiring the first batter.
    • I retired all three batters in the ninth and again struck out two, " recalled Jansen.
    • It requires retiring all twenty-seven batters in order, without allowing a single runner.
    • But Budde settled down and retired the next three batters.