Translation of retired in Spanish:


jubilado, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈtaɪ(ə)rd//rɪˈtʌɪəd/


  • 1

    (teacher/civil servant) jubilado
    (teacher/civil servant) retirado
    (general) retirado
    I met a retired couple from Bristol conocí a una pareja de jubilados de Bristol
    • how long have you been retired? ¿cuánto tiempo hace que está jubilado / que se jubiló?
    • Mr O'Doherty was a retired schoolteacher who taught in England for many years.
    • He is a retired violinist, having performed professionally in symphony orchestras in Vienna, Austria and Mexico before becoming a programmer.
    • A simple story about the friendship between a bank robber and a retired literature professor, the film earns its warm welcome from the terrific performance of Jean Rochefort as the professor.
    • Emeritus membership shall consist of retired college or university teachers of agriculture.
    • Now retired after a secondary career as an accountant, Ford lives in South Queensferry.
    • I remember retired steel workers standing on the Fahey Bridge, weeping as part of ‘their’ mill was torn down before their eyes.
    • But I am a retired engineer so I know what I am talking about.
    • They have not paid a penny to the government for their pensions, their contributions went to pay the pensions of those who had already retired.
    • With plenty of period detail and charm, De Vesci Lodge is likely to attract the attention of professional or retired couples, or those looking for an upmarket starter family home.
    • Nash is a retired rear admiral, formerly in charge of Navy construction.
    • It is with some diffidence that I, a retired Squadron Leader of the most junior of the Armed Services, undertake a review of a book by one of the most eminent soldiers of the late twentieth century.
    • The combination of its rural setting plus the high standard of restoration work makes this an ideal property for anyone who works from home, or for a retired couple.
    • The retired journalist who worked alongside Litman as a reporter, then as features sub-editor, cringes at some of the mistakes she spies in newspapers and hears on the radio.
    • He served in the US army for 28 years and is now a retired colonel.
    • Cober also sidelines as tutor in guitar to students of all ages, including a retired symphony violinist who is using Cober's expertise to work on improvizational technique.
    • Women were recruited into jobs traditionally done by men, and retired craftsmen were drafted back into the factories to help train the new workforce and supervise the skilled engineering processes.
    • There are state pensions for retired civil servants, but no unemployment benefits or social security provisions, except on a private basis via insurance.
    • Barry was envious when the man at the table explained how a group of retired software engineers get together every Tuesday and Thursday for 18 holes.
    • However, many retired people don't want to move and the only way they can get cash from their home is to use an equity release scheme.
    • But after much thought she decided to hire a retired school teacher to do the editing and proofreading on the articles that were going into the Journal.