Translation of retrace in Spanish:


Pronunciation /riˈtreɪs//rɪˈtreɪs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (go back over)
    to retrace one's steps volver sobre sus (or mis etc.) pasos
    • they retraced the path of the earlier expedition siguieron la misma ruta de la expedición anterior
  • 2

    (events) volver sobre
    • They even retraced the route he would have taken on his bike to deliver newspapers.
    • Grann's article describes a retracing of Fawcett's route undertaken earlier this year, with the aid of modern motor vehicles and aluminum boats.
    • In her later travels she visited Dove Cottage, retraced Wordsworth's walks, and wrote about him and his sister.
    • The film retraces much of Che's journey, the camera wandering through desolate valleys and rocky cliffs while Che's words are read on the soundtrack.
    • Over the last couple of years, I've had the great pleasure of retracing the route Lewis and Clark took to the Pacific.
    • They were retracing the route that originally took their explorers to Kantus, the first inhabited planet Earth had ever come in contact with besides their own.
    • Sailing up the Eastern coastline, retracing Cook's route in a reproduction of Cook's ship proved a strange and moving experience.
    • In retracing Hegel's itinerary he is in a way making it less idiosyncratic, less the vision of a lone philosopher, and more a familiar sight.
    • He tried to repair England's reputation abroad by alliances with Brittany, Burgundy, and Scotland, and also by retracing the steps of previous kings to France.
    • Starting with his persona's acute consciousness of exile, Wright's poetic journeys retrace and reverse the Middle Passage from Africa to the Americas.
    • But the very project of retracing a journey taken by one or more previous travelers remains citational from the start.
    • It's the 43rd annual Good Friday procession in Little Italy, officially titled The Passion and Death of the Lord Jesus Christ but known to most as The Way of the Cross, which retraces Jesus' steps to Golgotha, where he was crucified.
    • Her second journey retraced Salvatore Rosa's own trip from Rome to Ancona through the Umbrian landscape in the 1600s.
    • Frustrated by the slow and inconclusive police investigation, the victim's brother, Cliff, retraces the delivery route in search of clues.
    • She spent a year retracing the journey of Burke and Wills in a four-wheel drive.
    • The NRG staged a march the day before Bogside, retracing the route of the original civil rights march in 1968 from Dungannon to Coalisland.
    • Francis Harper completed Bartram's scientific descriptions and, retracing the travels, published the landmark naturalist's edition of the Travels.
    • They retraced the way Tari went, into the village square.
    • King also journeyed by camel and Land Rover through the Sahara, retracing the stumbling meanderings of the mariners, and verifying historical and geographical details.
    • Our hopes were high as we left Esperance the next day, retracing the 1931 party's route in reverse.