Translation of retreat in Spanish:


batirse en retirada, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈtrit//rɪˈtriːt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (forces/army) batirse en retirada
    (forces/army) retirarse
    (army/forces) replegarse
    management retreated from their position la dirección dio marcha atrás en cuanto a su postura
    • the waters are retreating las aguas están bajando
    • winter is retreating before the warmth of spring el invierno está cediendo paso a la primavera
    • Knights of both kingdoms clashed for what seemed like half a day, and in the end, the remaining Sunfall knights fell back and retreated.
    • All ships must retreat, as the enemy force is too large for us to tackle in our current status.
    • I just received word that the enemy forces are retreating.
    • In the summer of 1915 the Russian army retreated on its southwest front.
    • With Prussian support uncut, the Russian army in Warsaw marched into Silesia forcing Italy to retreat.
    • The Union troops plodded back to Washington, and Lee's army retreated to Richmond.
    • With winter coming on, Napoleon finds his invasion stalled and he is forced to retreat from Russia.
    • General Robert E. Lee narrowly escaped defeat this battle and the lack of men caused him and his army to retreat back in to Virginia.
    • The ensuing battle was short and decisive; although both Wolfe and Montcalm were fatally wounded, the French retreated and Quebec fell.
    • Each charge was fast and quick, with the Indians retreating almost as soon as the gunfire erupted from the rocks.
    • This ill-fated attempt resulted in the death of several men under Pryor's command and forced the survivors to retreat downriver.
    • The First Shock Army was retreating along a narrow corridor between two series of hills.
    • When daylight arrived, scouting parties would work their way up over the hill in order to determine exactly how far the Army had retreated.
    • Now, however, in the wake of this second wave of attack, they were retreating, having realized defeat.
    • Massena attempted to lay siege to Torres Vedras, but after four months his army, starved and demoralized, was forced to retreat.
    • The French army retreated towards the River Marne and it was here that both German and French armies fought out the first major battle on the Western Front.
    • General Das receives word that Civantor has been forced to retreat from Canterbury.
    • I gave the order to retreat after half of the squadron was destroyed.
    • Throughout the early hours of the battle, the warriors repeated this action in an attempt to collapse Carter's line and force him to retreat across the river.
    • In the winter of 1778, Washington's ragged army had retreated here to regroup.


  • 1

    retirada feminine
    repliegue masculine
    they were ambushed on the retreat les tendieron una emboscada cuando se batían en retirada
    • such attitudes are now on the retreat tales actitudes están desapareciendo
    • our forces are in retreat nuestras tropas se están batiendo en retirada
    • morality is in retreat vivimos un período de decadencia moral
    • to beat a retreat batirse en retirada
    • when I saw him, I beat a hasty retreat en cuanto lo ví, puse pies en polvorosa
  • 2

    refugio masculine
    their country retreat su refugio en el campo
  • 3

    retiro espiritual masculine
    (masculine plural) ejercicios espirituales
    to go on a retreat hacer un retiro espiritual