Translation of retro in Spanish:


retro, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛtroʊ//ˈrɛtrəʊ/


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    (invariable adjective) retro
    • The Bandai-published remake delivers the best of both ages, making over retro robot designs with flashy modern animation.
    • The result is a car which is both modern and retro in its looks.
    • Every designer needs a good stock photo collection or your designs may start to look dated or retro, awkward or tired.
    • But when a graphic designer uses a typeface that is older than 30 years, it is dismissed as retro, nostalgia or emptiness.
    • Its retro art style gives it an appealing timeless quality, an allegory about the relationship between humans and technology that sums up the core of all science fiction.
    • The designers have pulled off the difficult trick of taking the inspiration from a classic shape while making the car look fresh rather than retro.
    • The song pulled off a handsome trick, being both retro and modern simultaneously, combining the old Cullum with the new.
    • The 1980's retro styles will appear fresher because of the above knee shorter skirt length.
    • The diner was an 80's retro diner that looked like it was still from the 80's.
    • The style is heightened by the restrained color palette and decidedly retro feel to the animation.
    • Making over the icon and putting the classic glass bottles back in circulation may have a certain retro appeal with Coke's younger drinkers.
    • The resulting song feels overproduced and too distinctly current, and temporarily hinders the album's retro charm.
    • The Night Gallery is a small cabaret that has Hard Rock Café styled décor with retro memorabilia covering the walls from floor to ceiling.
    • The graphically crisp, retro lettering style adds a whiff of nostalgia to this evocation of language's reflexive capacity.
    • It was almost a retro 50's style of a male high school student.
    • It was furnished in a retro - 1950s style, not because he liked that style, but because his mother had extra pieces she did not need.
    • The decor is an eclectic mélange of retro and modern.
    • They make music that, though heavily steeped in the past, is neither cold nor regular nor retro.
    • ‘It's easy to go retro because people are always going to be familiar with it,’ adds Olejar.
    • They all turned to see a freckled face red-haired girl in a 80's retro type green dress and pumps.


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    retro masculine
    • It's new, but cannily designed with a heavy dose of retro.
    • When it's done well, retro isn't biting; it's a novel and economical use of widely available ingredients.