Translation of reunion in Spanish:


reunión, n.

Pronunciation /riˈjunjən//riːˈjuːnjən//riːˈjuːnɪən/


  • 1

    reunión feminine
    reencuentro masculine
    a family/college reunion una reunión familiar/de exalumnos
    • Julia works for Michelle, a literary agent who nobly downed tools to drive her to the woman's sixth-floor council flat for a tearful reunion.
    • We look forward to attending the official reunion and centenary celebrations over the October long weekend.
    • TV reunion specials, do you love them or do you hate them?
    • Besides, there's always the reunion tour to look forward to.
    • The scenes were repeated all along the border area, with tearful and emotional reunions between mothers and daughters, brothers and cousins.
    • There was a tearful reunion with mum Sue and foster mum Margaret, who looked after Kerry at the age of 13 with husband Fred.
    • The parents of freed charity worker Ian Stillman were today enjoying an emotional reunion with their son.
    • What happened to me was foolish because my 30th high school reunion is this summer and here I sit broken-hearted.
    • Please forward us news of your work or play and your plans to attend reunion in June.
    • The official reunion dinner included a presentation of an 8mm film of the course graduation in 1975.
    • Many of the other clan members frequently gather in Saint-Briac for reunions, and a family newsletter is sent out regularly.
    • Thebes stands for reunion with mother and the attainment of power and Kingship.
    • So I wouldn't be counting them in on the reunion tour anytime soon.
    • Many memories were shared when former members of Tewkesbury Boys Brigade gathered for a reunion.
    • The class, which boasts many of the country's business and political leaders, holds an annual reunion.
    • There will be a grand reunion dinner there at 8pm that evening.
    • There were many nostalgic reunions of men who worked in the mines together, several of whom had not met since those hardworking days.
    • So I didn't get tickets to see any of the Pixies' reunion gigs.
    • We split up in mid 1981, then reformed briefly in 1985 for a reunion concert.
    • She regularly attended class reunions, as documented by her alumni folders in the Cornell archives.
    • War veterans attending an annual reunion at Bletchley Park were shocked to be confronted by German soldiers in full uniform and manning a machine gun.
    • When the college reunion comes around, show up with a quirky facial hairstyle.
    • They would have had their ten year reunion last year.
    • This is likely to be a day full of celebration and social interaction as you are much in demand at family reunions and gatherings.
    • Here are two real and affecting characters for whose reunion, at the ballet's climax, the choreographer made one of his most poetic pas de deux.
    • Within five days she flew home alone for a tearful reunion with her parents and he was arrested by German police.
    • Once the tearful reunion was over Ted helped the sobbing father to his feet.
    • Last year I went to my high-school reunion and ran into an old flame.
    • But the Heaton teenager is already smiling - for he enjoyed an emotional family reunion in Athens, on Thursday.
    • And on top of that, my 20th high school reunion is coming up in a few weeks.
    • He attends Pueblo reunions but rarely socializes with other crew members.
    • On Waterloo Station, the scene of so many romantic reunions and separations, Rolf begins sketching the couple that will become the model for his interpretation of this work.
    • If so then keep Sunday, August 15 free, as we are organising a class reunion.
    • Five of them lived in the DDR, but they held annual reunions to remember their year in Svalbard.
    • A year before, two of the girls got in touch with each other and planned a reunion of sorts.
    • He enjoyed an emotional family reunion with his son at an undisclosed location.
    • Roger and Liz are planning a family reunion of sorts.
    • Popular songs are traditionally performed during social reunions both in America and Romania.
    • It is their first lengthy reunion with 52-year-old Ian since he was released from an Indian prison two weeks ago.
    • When he was able finally to go home, the reunion with his father absorbed his energies.