Translation of reunite in Spanish:


volver a unir, v.

Pronunciation /riːjʊˈnʌɪt//ˌrijuˈnaɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make united again)
    (family/party) volver a unir
    • This is typically what happens when friends reunite after several years.
    • The party has always accommodated a broad range of political views, bound together by the central aim of reuniting the country.
    • Nobody ever accused him of delaying the end of the Warring States Period in his attempts to stop the Qin Kingdom from reuniting the whole country.
    • Council officials have been left with their tails between their legs after claiming they were ‘duped’ into reuniting a woman and her pet dog.
    • Many fans hoped for a fairytale resolution to Kahn's crisis, reuniting a father with his children.
    • North and South Korea have agreed to resume a program which reunites families separated for more than 50 years by their civil war.
    • Blessings on the internet, and the way it reunites friends hourly.
    • The backing of the throne had an image of him reuniting the two kingdoms of Upper and Lower Kemet.
    • We came here not just to be reunited with friends but to pay our respects to soldiers like him.
    • A group of friends reunites in a New Hampshire cottage to reconnect and remember.
    • For many, reuniting with wives and children is the next difficult and emotional task.
    • Some users even reunite with old friends while others have found the love of their life.
    • Across the country, email in-trays piled up with stories of near misses and friends reunited.
    • After liberation, she made her way to England, finally reuniting with her children in 1946.
    • When we're together it's like long lost siblings reuniting, especially for me and Brandon.
    • Tears of joy were flowing as three great army friends were reunited after more than 50 years apart.
    • This charming and affecting sequel, reuniting the characters after nine years, gives us the answer.
    • They had talked all night chatting like old friends reuniting after 10 years apart.
    • His new film, House of Flying Daggers, is another martial arts period piece, and reunites the director with his ‘Hero’ star, Ziyi Zhang.
    • He'll overcome his personal traumas by simply reuniting with his wife.
  • 2

    (be, come together again)
    she was reunited with him after many years se reencontró con él después de muchos años
    • Phil and Sally are reunited Phil y Sally están de nuevo juntos
    • a meeting was arranged to reunite father and son se organizó una reunión para que padre e hijo se reencontraran

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (reconcile) reconciliarse