Translation of rev in Spanish:


revolución, n.

Pronunciation: /rɛv//rɛv/


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    revolución feminine

transitive verb

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    (car/engine) acelerar
    • We're going with lower engine revs - 10,300 rather than 10,700.
    • With the serious power and torque further up the rev range, driving the car at lower revs is very easy and not likely to unnerve newcomers to the marque.
    • As a general rule, we have been reducing maximum revs by 1,000 rpm for free practice on Friday.
    • Equally, there are no very slow corners which see the engine operating at very low revs, meaning the rev range required is also within our normal limits.
    • Thanks to the turbo-charger, progress in the higher gears is equally swift, provided revs are at or above 1,500 rpm.
    • This gives a maximum power output of 110 horsepower generated at 5,800 revs.
    • The rev counter sits in front of the driver, on the steering column.
    • Unless your are driving at high revs, using a good quality paper air filter allows enough flow, but switch to an easier breathing filter if you like to wind up the motor frequently, as that's when it's gasping for air.
    • All in all the Magnum features integrated aerodynamics, the engine with high torque from low revs, with good fuel consumption.
    • Careful drivers put wear and tear on their cars and their backs while driving at higher revs in a lower gear, thereby inflicting more noise and pollution on local residents.
    • However, engine noise becomes prominent at higher revs.
    • A petrol engine will spin happily, in some cases to 8,000 or 9,000 revs per minute.
    • The flight was 25 miles in total and my ground speed was 60 mph with the bar in and about 6,000 revs on the tach.
    • Anytime day and particularly night you will hear a Fireblade or the like screaming to maximum revs between gears as some young stud guns it in an endeavour to impress some local beauty and his mates with his prowess in riding.
    • It responds to high revs and comes alive as the red rev counter homes in on the 8,000 rpm redline.
    • It also does 320 kph by the time you run out of revs in 6th gear!
    • The fuel injection, despite some hunting at low revs, is smooth and predictable, with no drivetrain snatch.
    • The 5-cylinder/large displacement design was put in place to provide high torque from low engine revs.
    • ‘It's go time,’ I thought to myself, as I downshifted back down to fourth gear, matched my revs and punched the throttle.
    • Do you have specific targets to achieve for the start of next year, in terms of horsepower and revs?

    sin desplazarse

intransitive verb

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    I could hear the car revving outside oía como aceleraban el coche afuera

Translation of Rev in Spanish:


Rvdo., n.


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