Translation of reveal in Spanish:


revelar, v.

Pronunciation: /rəˈvil//rɪˈviːl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (disclose, make known)
    (identity/fact/truth/secret) revelar
    (fact/truth/secret/identity) desvelar
    (identity/secret/truth/fact) develar Latin America
    I didn't want to reveal my ignorance no quise poner de manifiesto mi ignorancia
    • be patient and all will be revealed ten paciencia que ya te enterarás
    • to reveal sth to sb revelarle algo a algn
    • to reveal sth/sb as sth
    • the structure was revealed as (being) unsafe se puso de manifiesto que la estructura no era segura
    • this revealed him to us as a coward/hero esto nos demostró que era un cobarde/héroe
    • So, did a more thorough check of the man reveal this critical new information?
    • Maybe Gardaí have a secret file which reveals that criminals in Ireland are camera shy.
    • The latest court filing reveals Intel has until 6 September to respond the complaint.
    • Their revealing classified information to an uncleared person was a very black-and-white issue.
    • The article described in gloating detail all of the things that they'd bought with their bingo winnings and gave several nuggets of information revealing what their lives had been like before and after the win.
    • And what a way they went about revealing the unknown musical facet in them and proved all the doubting Thomases wrong.
    • Hastie was previously reluctant to reveal details of the contracts until he was sure the company had a secure future.
    • One of the mysteries of the age is why people are so ready to reveal the most intimate secrets of their lives to television cameras.
    • Victoria Beckham has revealed her husband's secret fear when he captains England.
    • I call on the Government to publish its secret report revealing just how much the sheep ID scheme will cost farmers.
    • Questions by inquisitive inspectors were answered carefully to avoid revealing new information.
    • If Walt died, then he died without his beloved wife telling him an important secret, revealing something vital she knows about his past.
    • Careful inspection can reveal evidence of forced entry or different types of locks.
    • Is there a difference between revealing the information there, or on the stand?
    • Expect the latter to reveal one of the secrets of his success: not sleeping.
    • Spiritual guides hang out in relaxed places where they can be of assistance to others without revealing their supernatural powers.
    • The secret file reveals Cabinet Office officials blocked the award.
    • Below them were rosy cheeks, revealing the poorly concealed secret that Ryel was in fact drunk.
    • Criminal proceedings may possibly follow, so no further information could be revealed.
    • Fairweather said concern about revealing operational information was the reason why he refused to talk to programme makers.
    • As light and temperatures drop, the leaves stop making chlorophyll and it breaks down, revealing the colours underneath.
    • Lush jungle sweeps by at arm's length, breaking occasionally to reveal lakes, mountains and ships.
    • Some years ago, an advisor tried to get Hillary Clinton to soften her image by publicly revealing some hitherto unknown weakness.
    • He lifted his eyes to the sky that had begun to clear, revealing blue sky.
    • It conceals only superficially, for it can allow us to reveal our true self.
    • His fears are confirmed when he spies a curious Post-It note on the fridge revealing an unfinished game of hangman.
    • ‘There's a bit of emotion in me - I do break down,’ he admits, revealing a soft side.
    • They located chestnut trees with ominous breaks in the bark revealing blobs of orange fungus.
    • Jim walked to it and removed the head mask, revealing a human face, covered in dried blood, missing an ear, and half of a cheek.
    • Most of the people cleared out, revealing a young girl.
    • Toeing the government line has allowed film-makers to avoid revealing the humanity of their subjects, lest a breath of truth threaten the house of cards that is the drug war.
    • The professor refuses to reveal the film until she completes a task for him.
    • The gloomy sky had broken up, revealing patches of sky blue.
    • When the blade is dull, the end is simply broken off to reveal another sharp tip.
    • Dawn broke to reveal the amazing sight of camp beds and sleeping bags almost encircling the All-England Club.
    • The tiny beam of light hit the fridge revealing a photo of a middle-aged woman and two boys.
    • Someone had taken off his boots, revealing his blue socks.
    • Her blue eyes twinkled to reveal a gentle nature and shone as her lips were curved in a smile.
    • Then there was a grating sound, and a panel slid back to reveal a couple of humans outside.
    • The blue faded away revealing a cast of reds, oranges, pinks and purples.
    • People as well as objects may reveal the presence of the supernatural.
    • The Rishi speaks in theistic terms, revealing the religious nature of the Vedas.
    • That's where God takes our experience and reveals the spiritual treasures they contain.
    • In Christian teaching, the doctrine of the incarnation is crucial in revealing the nature of God.
    • We do not hesitate to embrace the truth no matter how and when it is revealed to us.
    • You have dared to imprint us with your own image knowing that we are only human, inviting us to be fully human by revealing your presence in us to everyone we meet.
    • Pleased by the service of his devotee, the Supreme Personality of Godhead reveals his form and opulences.
    • The Holy Spirit even reveals things taught during Jesus' ministry but not recorded in any of the four gospels.
    • This humanity revealed the divinity which is the splendour of the three persons.
    • First of all, parents and children should pray and ask the Lord for the truth about this game so He can reveal it to you.
    • Enfold these gifts into a greater offering that reveals God's wondrous love to all who seek it.
    • So you can't split the human and the divine, the human in fact reveals the divine.
    • Lord Siva's revealing grace is how souls awaken to their true, divine nature.
    • Likewise, Scripture reveals that God himself exists in the Trinity.
    • Under this name, Chih-i could speak of truth as a dynamic power in the world revealing the marvellous nature of things to all beings.
    • Every time we choose generosity, truth or integrity we are revealing God in this world.
    • The Gospel of John reveals this divine aspect of Christ's ministry - His deity.
    • Everything is an icon revealing God and indicating a way to God.
    • For him it was a means of revealing the divine principle and concretizing a personal vision of the Supreme Being that had been vouchsafed to him.
    • The Lord is revealing the devices of Satan so that Christians can learn to battle the real enemy as he attacks their lives, instead of battling one another.
  • 2

    (bring to view)
    dejar ver
    the door opened to reveal an untidy kitchen se abrió la puerta dejando ver una cocina desordenada
    • the deep scar on her cheek was revealed la profunda cicatriz que tenía en la mejilla quedó al descubierto
  • 3

    (religion/truth) revelado


  • 1

    revelación feminine