Translation of revealing in Spanish:


revelador, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈvilɪŋ//rɪˈviːlɪŋ/


  • 1

    (document/statement/conduct) revelador
    the letters are highly revealing of her state of mind at the time las cartas dicen mucho acerca de su estado mental en ese momento
    • What was particularly revealing was the way Dr Brash handled the intimidation.
    • What's even more revealing is how the elite has come to see itself as ethically flawed.
    • Aside from the revealing personal anecdotes, we learn something of what it was like to be a visiting fellow at the Center for Public Choice.
    • The way someone says ‘no’ often can be more revealing than the actual information requested.
    • Not answering is not a way to get out of revealing information.
    • Since the shah and his queen kept separate bedrooms, this is a revealing detail.
    • Check out the transcript of this very revealing interview on the Crikey website here.
    • Equally revealing is Lung's denial that he made Lucy a drunkard.
    • In this case too, sources outside official histories have proved to be particularly revealing.
    • Dennis Quaid sat down with me for a very revealing interview just before his new movie premiered.
    • In the end I can't say I lived with McGee but I did gain a revealing insight into his life.
    • Remnick's strength is an eye for the simple, revealing detail.
    • Now let us turn to a more philosophical but equally revealing look at these matters.
    • The debacle has provided a revealing glimpse of how the profit system functions.
    • Is this your most personal and revealing film?
    • Eight of the mutant alleles have revealing molecular lesions that allowed them to be sorted into four groups.
    • History will record only the bare statistics, but the figures are less revealing than the timing of their accumulation.
    • The implications of political apathy and cowardice are all the more significant for these revealing admissions.
    • Her rather revealing history lesson was cut short at the sharp protestations of the door as it was pushed open.
    • What we find here is flagrant spin, a revealing glimpse into the sympathies of the reporter.
  • 2

    (neckline/garment) atrevido
    (neckline/garment) revelador
    • Obviously I look much hotter than that now and wear more revealing clothing.
    • Warren noticed she wore the same revealing black dress she had on the previous night and guessed that maybe she was going out once again for her nightly stroll.
    • Last but not least, young ladies should avoid wearing revealing dresses in the public.
    • Some wore rather revealing clothing, making Kyra wonder whether they sold their bodies for money.
    • Anyway, I've never worn very revealing clothes because of my insecurity issue.
    • I should really have got her to stand behind me, in a revealing dress, rubbing my shoulders.
    • He yelled, pointing at the revealing outfit I had to wear that weekend.
    • We all express astonishment at how the women can withstand the near zero temperatures dressed in small, revealing tops.
    • Torn and revealing black clothing made her fair skin and mahogany eyes stand out dramatically.
    • If my predictions were true, Lorraine would be wearing a very revealing scarlet red dress, showing off her cleavage and long legs.
    • The room door hissed and Crystal entered, dressed in a rather revealing skirt that didn't look at all appropriate to a combat training assignment.
    • She always seems to find a place in Georgia to find tight revealing clothes.
    • Too many people, though - many of them female - still seem to think that a woman demeans herself when she wears a revealing dress.
    • Passing a few girls on the way there, she seemed to be dressed the most classic, other girls wearing much more modern and revealing dresses.
    • She's wearing a revealing evening dress and proceeds to drape herself over various parts of the car's anatomy.
    • Their classmates, club regulars, arrive around 8:30, wearing even tighter and more revealing outfits.
    • Looking down the street Mother saw Mrs. V.'s daughter Annie walking toward them in a shockingly revealing dress for the 1940s.
    • Women wearing revealing dress and the desperate looks associated with drug addiction can be spotted in front, usually at night, but often in broad daylight.
    • In Rome, a creature dressed in revealing and form-fitting clothes like these, no matter how beautiful she was, would have been considered a whore and a disgrace to her family.
    • There were two other girls in equally revealing outfits.