Translation of revel in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈrɛvəl//ˈrɛv(ə)l/

intransitive verbrevelled, revelling, reveling, reveled

  • 1

    (enjoy greatly)
    to revel in sth deleitarse con/en algo
    • to revel in + -ing deleitarse + ger
    • she positively revels in making us feel inferior realmente se deleita haciéndonos sentir inferiores
    • She tangled her hands in his hair, loving the soft feel of it, reveling in the sheer pleasurable delights she was being swept up in.
    • Dave reveled in the situation and said it was just what he was hoping for.
    • Borland is part of the Eclipse group, although it's doubtful whether the company revels in this situation much.
    • Although I still have a lot to learn, I am revelling in the pleasures that my newfound blogger friends bring me.
    • In the new 20th century they were finding their feet and revelling in newfound independence.
    • But that shouldn't stop us revelling in life's simpler pleasures on occasion, should it?
    • Fans are finding it almost unpatriotic to criticise teams and players, or to revel in their triumphs.
    • I was revelling in this situation and didn't want to end it soon.
    • They both still feel most at home in the water, and revel in its sensual pleasures.
    • But there was no thumping the air or revelling in her triumph.
    • Carl Rushworth revelled in the situation and bagged four tries, while Ian Mansell touched down three times.
    • Until then I'll revel in the primitive delight of having too much of a good thing.
    • Though Margaret Mary reveled in the pleasure of no longer being bedridden, life at home had become truly miserable.
    • The play is very funny and the ten member cast revelled in the comical situations.
    • He revelled in the exquisite pleasure of the warm spray massaging his body.
    • I watched most of this movie last night, revelling again in the grace, the vigorous fighting, the dreaminess, the repressed emotions.
    • Kassidy melted in his kiss, reveling in her newly gained knowledge.
    • I revelled in its aroma, savoured its taste until I was jolted awake into a caffeine deprived state.
    • Not 3 weeks ago you were revelling in how you had gained a probable vote from someone who had thought you a Labour candidate.
    • I'm sure he would have a grand old time revelling in the glory of those who know his plight.
  • 2

    (make merry)
    • Eyewitnesses spoke of chaos near the Sari nightclub, as foreign tourists were revelling on a typical Saturday night.
    • Earlier in the evening, the booming rock and roll sound of Los Callejeros playing in the club resonated in the street, as hundreds of secondary school students prepared to celebrate the end of term by dancing and revelling until dawn.
    • The assistant peered through the window and saw a group of Jews feasting, drinking, and reveling.
    • A warm Saturday night in June, and most are likely to be out revelling, or sat at home with lottery numbers in hand.
    • That will wake you up for a night of Super Bowl reveling.
    • Glumness still inhabits the thoroughfares, but for a few hours, especially the wee small hours after the New York Yankees managed victories over the Arizona Diamondbacks that approached the surrealistic, there was revelling once more.
    • When we interrupt the natural rhythm of day and night for any reason - even reveling - we risk setting off a cascade of problems.
    • Because of the lunch-time scheduling, most of the serious partying had been done, and moved on by the early evening, but now local residents face the disruption of crowds revelling into the late evening on a Sunday.
    • At the festival, the people were revelling, drinking beer and wine and feasting on the sacrifices.
    • The 6,000 Scots who travelled to Rome revelled till late in the city's squares.
    • The couple were among 420 people who revelled late into the night at Freddie's Festive Fundraiser, in the grounds of Salisbury's Cathedral School, to help boost the coffers of Sargent Cancer Care for Children.
    • Vodka poured, songs were sung and many a cigarette was inhaled as twenty-seven late teenagers revelled late into the evening.
    • At least I've got the weekend off, not that I ever do New Year revelling.
    • This weekend they will be revelling just as hard in Moscow, Russia, as they rave in Moscow, Ayrshire.
    • You'll want to be well-rested for a night of New Year's Eve reveling.
    • You've spent hours reveling, but just as the night is winding down, two drunk guests get into a vicious argument.
    • Citizens had assembled with their coolers and chairs as they revelled to the sounds of soca and calypso from the bands.
    • The crowd reveled and gyrated in their seats, the cheers reaching ear-cracking levels.
    • The city is ‘as famous for its natural beauty as it is for Carnival revelling with televised samba parades and belles in their Olympic nakedness,’ said one Brazilian judge.
    • Even his 83-year-old mother, Kitty, was revelling with the best of them.