Translation of revenge in Spanish:


venganza, n.

Pronunciation /rɪˈvɛn(d)ʒ//rəˈvɛndʒ/


  • 1

    venganza feminine
    to seek revenge buscar venganza
    • to take (one's) revenge vengarse
    • in revenge for the death of his father como venganza por la muerte de su padre
    • revenge is sweet! el placer de la venganza

transitive verb

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    (insult/defeat) vengar
    to be revenged (on sb) vengarse (de algn)
    • at last I am revenged! ¡por fin me he vengado!
    • I'll be revenged on you for this! ¡me vengaré de ustedes por esto!
    • The central character is Vendice, intent on revenging the death of his mistress, poisoned by the lecherous old duke.
    • The truth eventually emerges: her father died in the communalist rioting of 1984, during which mobs killed thousands of Sikhs, claiming to be revenging the death of Indira Gandhi at the hands of her Sikh bodyguards.
    • I wish it were not so, but I have resolved to revenge my father's death, and it is you who have taken him from me!
    • Ryan held his brother for many moments before standing up to revenge his death.
    • I lay dead in front of you, and yet you do not even revenge my death.
    • What was the use of revenging his death upon a man who was as much stricken by that death as I was?
    • Thus the recent run of Irish victories ended and last year's desperately disappointing draw gloriously revenged.
    • As far as Hamlet was concerned, revenging a death was the best reason for an assassination.
    • Although you have a certain amount of freedom, the game centres on a main quest - revenging your father's murder, finding your mother and sister - and various side quests.
    • When they plan to send him to a military school, Ivan demands to be sent back to the front, seeking to revenge his parents' death.
    • He is the wildly popular or beloved hero who revenges wrongs against the nation.
    • His quest for justice begins in his ‘O eyes, no eyes’ soliloquy where he begs heaven to revenge his son's death.
    • His primary motivation is to revenge the deaths of his fallen comrades.
    • His commitment to revenge the death of his people was struck short by his own death in the next measles epidemic, five years later.
    • Nevertheless, the foothills of the mountains, where the Soga brothers once revenged their father's death, are now a resort area with winter skiing and other sport activities.
    • You know they will revenge the death of one of their own.
    • As they are about to take their leave, Don Quijote offers thanks to the innkeeper and offers to revenge any wrongs ever done to him.
    • Seemingly possessed by his hands, he becomes a murderer, choking friends and foe alike, vaguely seeking to revenge the death of Meta's father.
    • Pacorus, the son of Orodes, the King of Parthia, has been killed in order to revenge the death of Marcus Crassus.
    • The leaders of the rival gang are looking over their shoulders for the Westies, who have yet to revenge the murder of Bernard Sugg, brother of Stephen, last August.

reflexive verb

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    to revenge oneself on sb vengarse de algn
    • I'll revenge myself on him for what he's done me voy a vengar de él por lo que ha hecho