Translation of Reverend Mother in Spanish:

Reverend Mother

Reverenda Madre, n.


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    Reverenda Madre feminine
    • At her convent grammar school the Reverend Mother was so pathologically anti-English that she tore posters representing events in English history from the walls and stamped upon them.
    • Now, it seems, there s almost an open door policy and even visiting pop stars, handsome young devils from the free world, with cheeky grins and swashbuckling demeanours, need no longer apply to the Reverend Mother for a visa.
    • ‘The Reverend Mother will see you now,’ she said in a business-like monotone, then returned to her writing as Miri stood up.
    • The Reverend Mother and my beloved Sister Agnes handled my constant worry about Mother's recovery gently but firmly.
    • Sarah Dunne, the nurse in charge was referred to as the Reverend Mother, and Vera Fogarty in Therapy was Sister Veronica.