Translation of reverse in Spanish:


reverso, n.

Pronunciation /rɪˈvəːs//rəˈvərs/


  • 1

    (of picture, paper) reverso masculine
    (of picture, paper) dorso masculine
    (of cloth, garment) revés masculine
    (of coin) reverso masculine
    endorse the check on the reverse endose el cheque al dorso
    • Inscribed on the reverse, ‘Jehan de Court ma faict 1555’, it is the only fully signed and dated piece by the artist.
    • The ostensible subject is Dante's vision of the death of his lover, as expressed in a passage from the Italian poet's Vita Nuova, lines from which are inscribed on the reverse of the painting.
    • Records indicate that this subtly rendered but evidently posthumous image bore an inscription on its reverse identifying the subject as Wenceslas of Luxembourg.
    • The first series all had the elephant on the reverse.
    • Designing a medal is not just a case of sticking a logo on one side and the date and place on the reverse.
    • It's not a mere scratch disrupting the emulsion, but it's engraved on one side, and embossed on the reverse.
    • Du Sommerard continued by observing that the reverse of the image bore the initials of Louise de Savoye, Francis's mother.
    • On the reverse there is an elephant in the center of the Chakra device with stars around the border as above.
    • So many items were placed on some pyres, that it is tempting to think these must have been tiered like the depictions of some imperial funerals on the reverses of coins.
    • It is the one baht coin with the King's portrait on the obverse and the three-headed elephant on the reverse.
    • The board is hard-mounted and shows the US on one side and Germany on the reverse.
    • In respect of this, the inscription on the reverse of the trough reads: ‘A righteous man regarded the life of his beast’.
    • The moneyer's name, Eoba, is on the reverse, each letter in a petal of a quatrefoil.
    • The medals themselves seem to be identical, both for the 1912 Bolton Bread Show, and on the reverse of each is ‘won by Joseph Wood’ engraved into the medal.
    • There were eight different denominations, with Metcalfe's design of an animal on the reverse of each coin.
    • It would help to ascertain the temporal relationship between the inscriptions on the reverse and the quota list on the obverse.
    • On the reverse is inscribed ‘Return from Europe RS 126’.
    • The movement of the primary root tip was marked on the reverse of the dishes at the beginning of the experiments, and at time lapses of 4, 8, and 24 h.
    • Another shop's best sellers were key rings with the late Pope's picture on one side and St Peter's Basilica on the reverse, wallet-sized photos and pin badges of the late Pope.
    • A completed entry form, available from the Arts Officer in eligible counties, must be attached to the reverse of a 10 x 8 photograph.
    • King Vajiravudh continued to use the three-headed elephant on the reverse of his coins.
    • His abstract design for the €10 featured a trout-like fish on one side and an ornate globe on the reverse.
    • There is an inscription on the reverse of the Portrait of Laura which dates the portrait to 1 June 1506.
    • Vasari specifically attributed to Domenico di Polo one of these medals, with the impresa of Capricorn on its reverse, dating it to Cosimo's first year of office, 1537.
    • Then I tried to peel it and realised that I had been writing on the waxy reverse, not on the sticker side.
    • The mats will show happy, smiling faces of young people on one side, but the reverse will reveal the scars, both mental and physical, that accidents can cause.
    • The first thing you have to do is carve out steel dies for the obverse and the reverse of the coin.
    • Characteristic multicellular, branched hairs were observed on the reverse of the tepals and upon the pedicellate ovary of all species.
    • The date of 1555 inscribed on the reverse of the piece is consequently entirely compatible with all our results.
    • The reverse of the friendship medals, much like today's nickels, had a portrait of Thomas Jefferson.
    • While gold coins are set on one side of this necklace, the reverse comprises units of rubies and emeralds encircled with pearls.
    • The reverse of each coin has an individual design representing the country from which the coin originates.
    • The new coin carries some of the same designs as the old one; a coat of arms on one side and an image of the wildebeest on the reverse.
    • It is interesting to know that the engraver A. Patey only made the portrait side of the coin; another artist made the reverse with the three-headed elephant.
    • The production of the game is decent, the cards are clean and the explorer pieces are thick wooden disks with a picture on one side and quicksand on the reverse.
  • 2

    • 2.1(opposite)

      the reverse
      • are you upset? — quite the reverse ¿estás disgustada? — no, al contrario / no, todo lo contrario
      • the results are the reverse of what I expected los resultados son todo lo contrario de lo que esperaba

    • 2.2(reverse order)

      in reverse al revés

  • 3

    • 3.1also reverse gear

      marcha atrás feminine
      reversa feminine Mexico Colombia
      to engage reverse (gear) meter (la) marcha atrás
      • he came around the corner in reverse (gear) dobló la esquina en reversa

    • 3.2British informal (movement)

      to do a reverse dar (una) reversa Mexico Colombia

  • 4formal

    revés masculine
    • With every reverse, or seeming reverse, that the Americans suffer, the schadenfreude in Germany reaches new heights, or depths.
    • Between 1846 and 1914 - the period when the British claim to hegemony seems most plausible - the United Kingdom too suffered a few reverses, of course.
    • Both sides began the campaign with high hopes, with the Villagers in particular suffering a terrible reverse in fortunes having just missed out on promotion when finishing third last year.
    • Keighley Shamrocks slipped two positions following their home reverse against Eastmoor.
    • I cannot visualise the situation where Pakistan does not use it even when it faces reverse after reverse.
    • But it was merely the most stunning in a series of reverses suffered by Labour in one night of carnage in town halls across England and Wales.
    • This will force hundreds of thousands of middle-income debtors to make significant payments to creditors from their current income, even if they subsequently lose their jobs or suffer other economic reverses.
    • When we suffer reverses, difficulties, disease or tragedy, we may feel deep down that our birthright as believers has been taken from us.
    • That was the message from coach Richard Agar after York City Knights fell to their third defeat in a row on Sunday, the first time they have suffered a triple reverse since April last year.
    • Despite the reverse, Kiwi Searancke's players earned a consolation bonus point to cling on to their lead in Pool B and remain on course to secure a home quarter-final.
    • Limerick have proved the most consistent in the regular league rounds with their only reverse being suffered in the first round, against Cork.
    • The Pirates could count themselves the unluckiest team in the country, with one point losses against Stockport, Vauxhall, and Exeter, as well as their opening overtime reverse.
    • At 32-0 down at the break, the Wasps could have capitulated, but they lost only by two tries to one in the second half to suggest that huge reverses are not going to again be a weekly occurrence.
    • After a run of nine games during which Hegarty had nothing but praise for his players, the midweek reverse against Dunfermline was the first time the manager felt his players had let him and themselves down.
    • Fortunately he didn't turn up, or we might have suffered an embarrassing reverse, as he's probably stronger than us.
    • York nearly suffered a first-minute reverse when scrum-half Spik Arkle gave a loose pass which enabled Huddersfield to race towards the line.
    • British attempts to breach the heights beyond the Tugela River and open the way to Ladysmith were to suffer further reverses.
    • In the Bank Alfalah Cup, New Zealand suffered a major reverse with spearhead Bond, afflicted by a sore back, flying home after the first game.
    • There was not an awful lot wrong with the performance and while getting beat is never welcomed you can normally suffer a reverse more easily if you known you've played well.
    • Having come through the Leicester mill, he says that coach John Wells and the senior Tigers players will use the reverse by Gloucester to goad their team.
  • 5

    (in US football)
    reversible feminine
    • The team will give Johnson the ball on reverses, and it will use him at flanker and split end and in the slot.
    • The team tries to throw the ball to him deep, but offensive coordinator Jack Reilly also likes to get Ismail the ball on reverses, hitches and screen passes so he can use his speed.
    • Don't be surprised to see him get the ball more on reverses, because the team needs to make use of his game-breaking speed.
    • And just maybe he might touch the ball on a reverse.
    • In the second quarter, he ran a reverse 10 yards to the goal line that set up a one-yard TD pass on the next play.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(transpose)

      (roles/positions/functions) invertir
      • There are a few sites that reverse this process by using a light text on dark background, which is found acceptable in some cases, but you are better off using dark on light for your overall content.
      • Of course, if we judge things on a per capita basis, the last positions would be reversed.
      • Their roles had been reversed, with the wife going out to work and the husband staying at home with the kids.
      • On the other side of the city in Dangan Sports Ground the position was reversed with many more participants that spectators.
      • There may, therefore, be a link between poor visual motion sensitivity and the tendency to misidentify, transpose, and reverse letters.
      • If this were my house, the positions would be reversed and I'd be the one screaming and running out the door.
      • But in other respects, the two countries' positions are reversed.
      • If you looked at the same statistics two years ago, the positions would have been reversed.
      • Reid himself argued that, if the roles had been reversed, nationalists may well have behaved in much the same way to unionists as unionists had behaved to them.
      • Step forward 10 years and the roles have been somewhat reversed.
      • The Ulster Unionist said what needed to be done was for the current roles to be reversed with planners offering an opinion to Councillors and Councillors making the decision.
      • But eventually, there would come a time when the roles would be reversed, when he would have to be the strong one.
      • In a sense, the parent-child role was being reversed, as Jean determined to do everything she could to spare her parents from having to confront the worst indignities of their situation.
      • Now these roles have effectively been reversed.
      • And if I was honest with myself I'd have felt the same if our positions had been reversed.
      • If the roles had been reversed, how would they have fared before Lord Hutton's questioning?
      • The following day, however, Fujinami - Lampkin's main rival in his defence of the world title - got his revenge, reversing the finishing positions from Saturday.
      • The guy who was up gave a helping hand to the guy who was lower down, knowing that their positions could be reversed without warning.
      • As she watched her husband's ascendancy back home, few could have denied Victoria Beckham a moment's reflection on how their positions have been reversed.
      • And, as with some Asian cars, the indicator and windscreen wipers are reversed, which can cause no end of confusion at first.

    • 1.2(invert)

      (order/process) invertir
      • Last season's scenario of a vibrant Heworth and struggling Selby seems to have reversed itself as Selby move into the top half of the table while Heworth have slipped to the bottom.
      • The main staircase is actually reversed to create a spacious entryway just inside the doorway.
      • The final chorus in this production reverses the emotional polarities of the whole opera: singing about their new-won freedom, the humans fight, flirt and fornicate.
      • In such cases, the extensive use of tax credits reverses the burden of providing the information from the taxing authority to the taxpayer, who thereby has to prove compliance.
      • He added that the Minister for Finance had the authority to reverse the decision.
      • A year later, in reversing that move, the committee was able to report that ‘household spending appears to have recovered from its post-Christmas dip’.
      • The strangely pleasant thing about this is that it reverses the law of diminishing returns.
      • Another difficulty is, of course, that the resulting image is reversed left-to-right.
      • The synod, like a general council, however, would have no authority over the pope and no right to reverse his decisions.
      • Both Hyundai and Nissan have reversed their U.S. automotive fortunes but to differing degrees.
      • In one instance, he attempted to replace the head of Customs with a personal friend, an action that President Kostunica quickly moved to reverse.
      • Its decision to reintroduce free entry to the art gallery, reversing the ill-considered entrance fee, was a positive gesture of intent.
      • In the poem, Coleridge takes that ancient image of human purpose, the triumphant journey to master a world, and reverses it, turns it inside out.
      • Inscribed on the outside of the glass and viewed from the inside, the letters are reversed and reveal a snowy landscape.
      • All the polarities inside him have been reversed; instead of explaining past tragedy and sadness, he will project future happiness.
      • The best thing about this movie was that it reversed the polarity of our sympathy while also deepening it.
      • As with her earlier collection, the garments can be worn inside-out, reversed or unbuttoned.
      • When the cloth was turned inside-out, the reversed marks resulted in the famous image of the crucified Christ.
      • Now that the industry is gone, they are moving back again, reversing a 200 year trend.
      • Nice article about the new Chrysler Hemi V-8, but the photo on page 22 is reversed.
      • Patten tried to reverse years of authoritarian British administration in Hong Kong by encouraging democratic institutions.
      • The opposition is criticizing the handouts while not promising to reverse them.
      • But the authority reversed its decision earlier this year, paving the way for others to go through the same process.
      • While they never succeeded in reversing the problem of economic disparity, they provided opposition to those seeking support for an urban-based model for change.
      • New Brighton are next up at home this Saturday, when the Black and Ambers attempt to reverse a 21-18 defeat which came via a last-minute penalty in late November.
      • When viewed from above, the image appears the correct way up (but still reversed left-to-right).
      • We then have a supplemental draft - two rounds - where the order is reversed from that of Round One.
      • To start with, all three seats must be transposed and reversed.
      • Later, the media department chairperson also appealed to the Opposition to reverse its boycott decision.
      • The image is upside-down and reversed left-to-right.
      • They are history interpreted retrospectively, reversed and inverted - my point being that history neither begins in nor relinquishes myth.
      • In West Yorkshire, where the passenger death figures are the worst for five years, the local education authority has started a campaign in schools, aimed at reversing the trend.
      • According to him it is the responsibility of every resident to assist the authorities in reversing this situation.

  • 2

    (undo, negate)
    (policy) cambiar radicalmente
    (trend) invertir el sentido de
    (ruling/decision/verdict) revocar
    • An Ohio appellate court last week reversed a lower court ruling that the city's pernicious treatment of marijuana users was unconstitutional under state law.
    • Many of these rulings are judgment calls that cannot be reversed by an appellate court unless the trial judge makes an egregiously bad judgment.
    • In detailed submissions Mr Page sought to demonstrate that the finding was not supported by the evidence and that it should be reversed by this court.
    • The judges in this case cite the troubled relationship between the murderer and her own mother as justification for reversing the sentence of the lower court.
    • There are no prospects that it would be reversed in this Court.
    • In December 2000, the Tokyo High Court reversed Mainali's acquittal and sentenced him to life in prison.
    • However, the High Court reversed the lower court decision yesterday, reducing sentences for most of those convicted in the construction fault case.
    • Appellate courts generally don't like to reverse trial courts' evidence calls.
    • When the Supreme Court reversed Newdow on narrow technical grounds, Kennedy was spared from facing the consequences of his own jurisprudence.
    • Appealed again, however, the case was reversed by the Supreme Court.
    • The American Civil Liberties Union, which demanded the T-shirt ban be lifted and the suspensions reversed, said the case is really about free speech.
    • There are a few things, though, that they don't seem to like; one is being reversed by a higher court.
    • Nonetheless, the Supreme Court might see fit to reverse the Court of Appeals' decision.
    • The Supreme Court finally reversed the high court judgement and sent the cases back for trial in January 2003.
    • Last April, the Supreme Court reversed the High Court ruling.
    • The High Court of Australia first sat in Brisbane in May 1904 and, perhaps in a sign of things to come, reversed the Full Court which had upheld the trial judge's decision.
    • The Supreme Court reversed the Ninth Circuit's decision by a 6-3 vote.
    • The appellate court, though it reversed the defendant's trial court victory, agreed that such an argument could be pursued.
    • It is no wonder that the federal appeals court refused to reverse Whittemore's ruling.
    • Judge Brown, when you were reversed, was that a horrible personal feeling for a judge to get reversed by a higher court?
  • 3

    (move backward)
    she reversed her car around the corner/into the garage dobló la esquina/entró en el garaje en reversa Mexico Colombia
    • The truck reversed, revved up and moved forward again.
    • The driver told them to get off the truck, and reversed when he thought they were clear of his path.
    • I would be slightly troubled by the possibility of not being seen by, for instance, reversing lorries.
    • The police suspected that an unidentified truck, while reversing, ran over him.
    • He moved the vehicle forward a few inches, reversed a little and then remained stationary for a few more minutes as more patrons left in their vehicles.
    • The Saab moved forward, but then reversed into the officer for a second time before driving away.
    • The 56-year-old is then said to have leapt back into his car and as he reversed Barbara Johnson, an aunt of the dog's owner, became caught in the door of the vehicle.
    • As soon as it was directly over us it flipped, reversed and started heading west again finally shooting away.
    • Witnesses told police that the car reversed and drove off after knocking Mr Lodge across the bonnet and into the road.
    • While waiting for someone at Kensington shopping centre in Harare on 2 August at around midday, I noticed a police truck reversing into an overgrown piece of ground running parallel to Cork Road.
    • Once he was inside the car, he ducked down in the back seat as she started the car and reversed out of the drive.
    • So if you lean forward, it moves forward; if you lean back, it reverses; and if you centre your weight, it stops completely.
    • Anyway, after I reversed into this lorry I thought I was gonna get beaten up by the big lorry driver who jumped out of the cab.
    • First the boat was nose-diving towards the beach at great speed and then the sea reversed and threw them backwards.
    • Content and well fed, we retired to our room, where the one sour note of the weekend was a sound night's sleep disturbed at dawn by a delivery lorry reversing and unloading directly underneath the bedroom window.
    • We ended up having to reverse to do our station work, causing us a slight but necessary delay.
    • Night-vision units have received a lot of attention, as have recent optical systems for alerting drivers to objects behind reversing vehicles.
    • How to explain to a mother that I failed to resuscitate her daughter who was reversed over by a car?
    • Since the path was so narrow that there was no way to reverse, he had no option but to continue moving forward.
    • Normally the escalator runs uphill, but in the morning it reverses for a few hours to transport commuters to work.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (vehicle/driver) dar marcha atrás
    (driver/vehicle) meter reversa Mexico Colombia
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (positions/functions/roles) invertirse

    • 2.2

      (process/order) invertirse


  • 1

    the reverse side / face (of coin) el reverso
    • the reverse side (of paper) el reverso
  • 2

    (backward, opposite)
    (trend/direction/movement) contrario
    (direction/trend/movement) inverso
    in reverse order en orden inverso
    • reverse thrust empuje inverso
    • The duckbill valve must prevent reverse flow and airflow back to the heart, which could cause an embolism.
    • Many commercial firms report significant reductions in initial purchase prices by using Internet-based reverse auctions.
    • When the reverse side is worked to completion, the lacquer is heated and the metal sheet separated and thoroughly cleaned and work begins on the front.
    • Imagine my horror when one day I glanced at the reverse side of some scratch work only to discover it was a letter of recommendation written for a student at Macalester.
    • This revision supports 3.1Mbps on the forward link and 384Kbps on the reverse link.
    • Southbound traffic will be diverted via Junction 35 in the reverse direction to Junction 34.
    • The bar code will be printed on the reverse side of the ballot paper on the declaration of identity.
    • The first train to Morecambe is now 15.00 ex Leeds and in the reverse direction 17.40 ex Morecambe.
    • Damian ran toward Kale and holding the sword backwards, he sliced in a reverse motion, making it difficult for his opponent to do anything but defend himself.
    • Leading the Shenandoah reinforcements from the railhead at Manassas Junction, Jackson formed on the reverse slope of Henry House Hill and halted the rout.
    • Next, step backward with your left leg into a reverse lunge and bring the ball to your left hip.
    • The unique interaction between the two technologies creates security features that are nearly impossible to counterfeit, duplicate or reverse engineer.
    • There would be a reverse tide, flowing up the river equally as fast as the normal downriver flow.
    • As a result of this amazing reverse flow, the lake expands from 2,700 square kilometers in the dry season to no less than 16,000 sq km.
    • It's $200 more to do a one-way U-Haul rental from Brooklyn to Baltimore than it is to do it in the reverse direction.
    • Few enter over the age of 30 and although some may retire early and take up positions in private industry and public corporations, there is little traffic in the reverse direction.
    • The valves are arranged to prevent retrograde or reverse blood flow.
    • The warm air rises and often gets trapped near the ceiling area; the reverse air flow from the fan will help circulate the warm air around your whole room.
    • The reverse process (technology invented to accommodate a law or to facilitate its implementation) is more rare.
    • Later the two made the fundamental discovery that transplants from inbreds to hybrids were successful, whereas the reverse transplants were rejected.
    • First, I centered the towers within the 8 inches I had allowed for the foreground image and cut the poster with reverse bevels using my mat cutter.
    • Here are the Top Three singles from this week in 1978 and 1988, in alternate reverse order.
    • Primers were designed to provide redundancy in both the forward and the reverse directions.
    • He was going to fly the airplane backwards using reverse engine thrust!
    • A reverse mortgage allows senior citizens to earn tax-free income by tapping the equity in their homes.
    • Vehicles will be allowed from D'Souza Circle to Richmond Circle and not in the reverse direction.
    • I ended up travelling on to the next stop and then returning in the reverse direction.
    • Now put the book back in its starting position, and carry out these two operations in the reverse order.
    • Although the exhibition follows a basic chronological trajectory, the linear flow of history is frequently interrupted by reverse flows and eddies.
    • It is the same fascination that fuels a steady flow of Rhodes scholars to our universities and a reverse flow of Britons to Yale, Stanford and Harvard.
    • This organization feels that at a time when all countries are tightening their citizenship laws after the Sept 11 attack, India is thinking in the reverse direction.
    • The Society no doubt had to make a reverse calculation in order to determine the differential final bonuses.
    • As with the Arnold press, the palms-facing-backward position of the reverse barbell press allows you to comfortably start from the lowest position.
    • A poor kick from Barkley allowed Wales to counter, and a brilliant reverse pass from Dafydd Jones saw Shane Williams draw Jason Robinson to put Taylor over in the left corner.
    • If anything, it allows for a reverse form of cultural prejudice, through which critics idealize large groups of people they barely understand.
    • In this section of the trajectory, the transition probabilities for advancing toward the bulk are smaller than those for the reverse direction.
    • We detected no tidal effects on salinity or water level in the impoundment, despite reverse flow at the fishway.
    • In spring when the air temperature outside the bin is higher than the grain temperature, a reverse convection current will occur.
    • The front side of the coins features the design of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests in the Temple of the Heaven of Beijing, while the reverse side features the giant panda and bamboo forests.
    • We suggest this reverse flow of information will have an unanticipated effect on agriculture.