Translation of reversible in Spanish:


reversible, adj.

Pronunciation /rɪˈvəːsɪb(ə)l//rəˈvərsəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (coat/jacket) reversible
    • The quilted coverlet is reversible with one side having a light background with dark toile print; the reverse side is dark background hosting a light print.
    • Using reversible jackets - green for timbered areas and white for snow - troops blended in with their surroundings.
    • The coat is reversible and is made up in two medium weight fabrics to span both casual and formal occasions.
    • Clever touches such as reversible tops and jackets, fun appliqués and fine embroidery make them stand out from the rest.
    • Of course, these would make good reversible garments.
    • Also very fashionable is the clever and practical reversible cloth purse.
    • Her cloak was reversible, black on one side, brown on the other.
    • I suggest you buy some inexpensive plain, reversible jerseys.
    • The coat is a gent's light grey waterproof reversible jacket, with fleece lining.
    • Then you have these reversible jackets, which have bronzed satin type fabric on one side and oatmeal speckles on the other.
    • Beck flipped his jacket inside out, it being a reversible garment, and then pulled off his shirt, changing it with one from the backpack.
    • There are quite a few fabrics suitable for reversible jackets.
    • Blended checks, speckled materials and colourful herringbones amid reversible two colour fabrics all make impact.
    • Tom Cruise is wearing a suit jacket that looks like it came from one of those deals where $99 buys you two jackets and a pair of reversible pants.
    • The styles range from a classic wool-cashmere pea coat to a reversible shearling jacket.
    • Further development of reversible clothing and equipment covers will reduce the logistics burden, increase mission flexibility and reduce procurement costs.
    • Carpets from Chiprovtsi are reversible and can be used on both sides and some are even aged 30 years and even more.
    • For example, choose a comforter or duvet cover that's reversible so you can change the mood by flipping it over.
    • We teamed a flannel sheet with a cotton one to make this warm duvet cover; pairing patterned and solid sheets makes a good-looking reversible cover.
    • Lining with another garment fabric makes your vest reversible.
  • 2

    (decision/verdict) revocable
    • These spectral changes were completely reversible at the phase transition temperature of the lipids, when the sample was slowly heated back to 35°C.
    • In a reversible process the total change in entropy in the system and the total change in entropy in the surroundings is zero.
    • Each sensor of the array undergoes a reversible change in electrical resistance when exposed to a vapor or analyte.
    • Upon heating, they undergo a reversible transition leading to a partly a-helical structure.
    • The essential process involves a reversible change of state, i.e., liquid to vapor to liquid.