Translation of revert in Spanish:


volver a, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈvərt//rɪˈvəːt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (to former state, actions)
    volver a
    to revert to normal volver a normalizarse
    • the land is reverting to desert la tierra está volviendo a desertizarse / a convertirse en desierto
    • ‘The figures are largely positive, but I am a bit concerned that the Government is reverting to its previous pattern of under-spending,’ said Mr Boyle.
    • Early in the twentieth century the word reverted to a noun to describe a family holiday home.
    • But the reprieve for grammar schools is probably too late for Kingston Grammar to revert to its former direct-grant status as it is now formally established as an independent institution.
    • But at a meeting of the Tone St traders on Monday, July 14 a significant majority voted in favour of reverting to the former traffic system on the street.
    • Anyway, having thrown out this soiled bath water, let us revert to the words of Paul Celan.
    • Yezad, on the other hand, gradually reverts to the Parsi religious practice of his ancestors, in spite of his earlier skepticism and to the delight of his devout wife.
    • There would be no one to manage the walls, some areas would revert to scrub and bracken and eventually trees.
    • Teachers were shown in the early stages of their teaching after the training to be utilizing the ideas, but eventually they reverted to previous practices.
    • The Swan Hotel in Gargrave was to revert to its former name, the Old Swan Inn.
    • I just go back to this whole issue of reading speeches and express the hope that we might revert to previous Standing Orders, which forbade that practice.
    • If, for example, other people come back on to the council and there is an attempt to revert to the previous practices, I will have no hesitation but to move.
    • In other words, I reverted to a song when I wasn't getting any laughs, which was more often than I care to remember.
    • He said that although the barbecue would be in 18th century style, the hotel will not be reverting to a former custom of putting people in the stocks outside.
    • Ric hooks back up with his old sidekick Wazzock; the two of them soon revert to their rebellious former selves.
    • Maksimir is gradually being overhauled to double its all-seater capacity to 60,000, and may also revert to its former name Stadion Dinamo.
    • I thought that you could just give it a try and that if you didn't like it you were free to revert to your former habits.
    • Ms Frost, who has been running the college since the departure of Robin Currie last December, will revert to her former post of director of corporate services and deputy chief executive.
    • Another time I'd casually written that now I'd had the pleasure of ‘going out’ with a much younger man, I'd be very surprised if I ever reverted to my previous habit of dating oldsters.
    • Death then is a returning or reverting to the former state - dust - of the ground.
    • It underwent a change of ownership and name in the Eighties when it became the Grey Desire, then a couple of years ago it changed hands again and reverted to its former name.
  • 2formal

    (to subject, topic)
    volver a
  • 3

    (land/possessions) revertir a
    • The landlord's interest in respect of possession of the property is deferred to that of the tenant until the lease terminates, at which time the property reverts to the landlord.
    • When they came to an end, the property would revert to Mr Derby, or, if he was dead, would form part of his estate and devolve according to the terms of his will, or by the rules of intestate succession.
    • The new law means that if the trustee does not choose to sell the bankrupt's home within three years of the bankruptcy order being made, the property reverts to the bankrupt and their home is safe.
    • He submits that assets which become the property of the Trustee do not revert to the Bankrupt upon the Bankrupt's discharge.
    • Councils would carry out repairs if required and the property would revert to the owner once the cost of any renovation had been recovered.