Translation of revive in Spanish:


reanimar, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈvaɪv//rɪˈvʌɪv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (conversation) reanimar
    (economy) reactivar
    (economy) estimular
    (hope/friendship/interest) hacer renacer
    (friendship/interest/hope) reavivar
    plans to revive decaying inner cities planes para reactivar las zonas urbanas deprimidas
    • With the government's finances stretched, though, much of the burden of reviving the economy has fallen to the Bank of Japan, which, in theory, has limitless resources to print money.
    • If you make a meal of your adventure, your spirit is revived.
    • A bill to revive trade on prewar conditions between Britain and France was defeated in Parliament.
    • Wuxi-based CSMC revived the sale earlier this week by slashing the amount it intended to raise by half after investors shunned a previous attempt in June.
    • As soon as Jim was out of the shower, Blair went in, letting the hot water revive tired muscles.
    • MFI has been struggling to revive sales and its shares have fallen more than 40% over the past year.
    • It's the thing that renews us and revives us in every generation.
    • But some liquid refreshments revived everyone quickly.
    • To read D. H. Lawrence is to be revived by the electric current of energy that flows through his words.
    • But in truth we have chosen to shelve the unification-independence dispute and focus on reviving the economy and strengthening Taiwan.
    • This spring, instead of keeping up with fashions, it began selling dog supplies in an attempt to revive weak sales.
    • We also agree with the president's remedy for reviving the ailing economy by strengthening its fundamental health rather than giving it a shot in the arm.
    • These are the latest attempt to revive a flagging peace process between striking security workers and managers who want to axe 150 posts and slash wages by 40 per cent.
    • His remarks were hailed by senior government sources as a ‘bold’ attempt to revive the Middle East peace process, which has appeared close to collapse in the last two years.
    • In the 1950s Caithness County Council, in a laudable attempt to revive the fishing industry on the island of Stroma, spent up to £30,000 on a new harbour.
    • A moment later a burst of energy rushed through her, reviving her.
    • He revived Britain's international position by joining with Prussia in 1787 to win back from France the predominant influence over the Dutch.
    • A design firm hired by the school suggested sales might be revived by the creation of a new symbol for the school.
    • Don Drabble and Karen Christian have used their skills, enthusiasm and energy to revive the hall and its past.
    • A senior Palestinian official said an international inquiry into Israel's actions would be a condition of reviving the peace talks.
    • Hurd must try and revive morale while still improving HP's operations in the eyes of Wall Street.
    • The technically advanced countries may some day have their moral consciousness revived by the horrors of science, once they failed to have it awakened by the wonders of the world.
    • Tea and refreshments will be served to revive the shoppers.
    • The area's health trusts are battling to revive their critical financial conditions.
    • Indulge yourself with the wide and varied treatments available to rejuvenate and revive your body and spirit.
    • Suddenly, water covered his face and the shock of the water revived him.
    • A French, German, and Italian production that became another unprofitable film for Welles, the film was recently revived in a fully restored print.
    • Therefore, due to a deceleration of external and domestic demand, we believe that counter-cyclical fiscal stimulus is necessary to revive the economy.
    • More stories like this one are inevitable as the recording industry makes war on its customers, in a doomed attempt to revive the industry's dying business model.
    • True, they had no shower gel at the time and the heat treatments softened the grit and grim for removal while the cold waters revived the weary bather.
    • They revived him with their water; fed him with their food; and healed him with their herbs dug up tenderly from the wet dirt by the lake, and time as well.
    • And indeed the energy the anger generates revives me, and gives my head something to latch onto.
    • Yet the spectacle of a Japanese premier committed to reviving his country's competitive strength, even at the cost of his own career, has caught the imagination of voters and businessmen alike.
    • Allow me to wet my lips in spring water, to feel its freshness, reviving freshness.
    • When he jumped to Volkswagen's Audi division in 1972, he revived it with such improvements as permanent all-wheel-drive sports cars.
    • They also learnt about traditional Jewish life in Europe before the Holocaust and attempts to revive Jewish communities after the fall of communism.
    • Clearly, something in the youthful blood revived the regenerative cells in muscle and liver.
    • It has been used for centuries to revive the spirits, enliven any evening and fend off the cold.
    • The reforms Japan has undertaken to revive economic growth fall somewhere between bland and modest.
    • He always wants to pour out love and life; he always wants to forgive, to renew, and to revive us.
  • 2

    • Newspapers around the world showed the picture above of the Paraguayan policeman trying desperately to revive the baby he rescued from the smouldering supermarket.
    • One of the most rewarding and interesting parts of my job is when I treat an individual who has already lost hope and I see that he is reviving through my supports and intervention.
    • Dr Kelleher said lives could have been saved if clubs had defibrillators - medical equipment that revives the heart by means of electric current.
    • There is always a risk of famous last words, but every time his critics have given him the kiss of death, it's amounted to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation; he revives and bounces back with tremendous force.
    • Close to his burning leader, Byu fainted, then revived and began to pray.
    • They should also call for stand-still protection for those working people drowning in debts who lose their jobs - a temporary safety net that keeps them out of bankruptcy until the economy revives.
    • He gave the baby mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and he revived although seemed a bit floppy.
    • But their age-old political animus is reviving too; only a fifth of China's exports are in categories that compete with Japanese ones.
    • Friends and family quickly came to the helpless dog's aid, rescuing and reviving him from almost certain death.
    • Several girls were overcome with the excitement of it all, two had to be taken out of the back of the shop and one nearly fainted, but store manager Craig Wilkinson said they revived quickly when Craig went out to say hello.
    • It was only their desperate efforts to revive him that saved his life.
    • Alas, not all of the energy within the king's body could heal, nor revive his beloved wife and queen.
    • The peasant movement, like the workers' movement, revived in the wake of the victory of the revolutionary armies.
    • He had lost consciousness, but the lifeguards were able to revive him once his friends brought him to shore.
    • There needs to be the true preaching of the Word in the church that will bring reviving and awakening.
    • Despite little hope that either could be saved, rescuers tried to revive them and after working for 30 minutes heard a faint heartbeat coming from Andreas.
    • Some believe these trends will prove ephemeral as M&S revives.
    • Paramedics were called after he began having breathing difficulties and lost consciousness, but efforts to revive him failed and he later died.
    • And in another victory for Iraqi civil society, the Boy Scout movement is slowly reviving too, with some essential help from their American counterparts.
    • He ran his eyes over her body but couldn't find any sign of injury, so he rose and hurried to grab a canteen of water to try and revive her.
    • Almost a month after India's most fashionable week - Lakme India Fashion Week - came to an end here, fashion fatigue appears to be wearing off and the industry appears to be reviving.
    • After several times of shocking him until he passed out it took more than a couple of buckets of cold water to revive him.
    • When the petals drop it takes watering consistency to revive the next batch of blooms.
    • After describing himself as a ‘dumb convalescent’, he went on to observe how his mind revived under the stimulus of his new interest.
    • Amphitryon then speaks to his wife, who is reviving after having fainted in his arms.
    • If you're a born-again Christian, but your battery has gone down, it can be recharged, renewed, revived… today.
    • At 3:10 pm, he lost consciousness and resuscitative efforts to revive him failed.
    • Now the only way to fix the wells is to dive straight in, down 60 feet, to find the water they need to revive their parched and dying fields.
    • Despite security and infrastructure challenges, Afghanistan's private sector is slowly reviving from the bottom up.
    • Apparently James Bond will also drown in an enclosed water tank but be revived with some life-giving drug by a Japanese enemy.
    • Even after years of severe dryness, some species can be revived with a little water, which is why they can survive regular tramplings on the city's pavements.
    • Stand shrivelled dahlia tubers in warm water overnight to revive them.
    • Jesus just fainted while on the cross, later revived in the cool tomb and then left.
    • A terrier dog was also brought out of the house but efforts to revive it with artificial resuscitation failed.
    • A surge of new corporate bond issues, including several eye-catching issuers such as China Mobile, since last year may well indicate that the industry is reviving.
    • They battled their way into the flat, found Louie in a cot in a bedroom and brought him outside to revive him.
    • Klein will be in Brazil this week to join a debate on future tactics that is gradually reviving in websites across the world.
    • Attempts to revive him at the water's edge failed and he died before he arrived at the Royal Preston Hospital by air ambulance.
    • We carefully extracted the sucker from the trout's mouth, held it briefly in water to revive it, and let it go.
    • The torture is deliberately carried out, by order of the king, in full view of Anna Leonowens's window; she faints watching the torture and revives after the executions have been performed.
  • 3

    (reintroduce, restore)
    (custom) restablecer
    (law/claim) restablecer
    fifties styles have been revived vuelve la moda de los años cincuenta
    • Interest was revived in 1995 when a 60 kilometre coastal race from Mombassa was held.
    • Morris dancing was revived in the early 20th Century by the Tabs.
    • Today, we desperately need to revive interest in and respect for the environment.
    • Now the topic is revived again, thanks to some deep digging from Izzy.
    • Would anyone be interested in reviving the Qabalah project, if it really isn't finished?
    • The concept was revived in the early 20th century by economists Joseph Schumpeter and Frank Knight.
    • We must revive the spirit of Bandung, as a part of an international movement.
    • Bacon has successfully revived his career after allegations of drug use ended his run on children's television.
    • Instead, we must revive efforts to strengthen international law and international institutions.
    • While film-making was revived in the 1980s, the output remains small and the budgets are low.
    • Recent attempts to revive viticultural traditions and make wine have met with modest success.
    • Folk craft traditions have been revived and modified in response to the tourist trade.
    • The novel had a considerable vogue in its day, and bears witness to the religious and historical interests revived by the Oxford movement and the Pre-Raphaelites.
    • The carnival at Marlborough is to be relaunched at a public meeting in the New Year in a bid to revive its popularity.
    • Now a Labor premier aimed to challenge vested interests and revive reform.
    • A new person would bring a fresh approach, a different outlook and revive any flagging interest.
    • The city was forgotten until the legend was revived in the 19th century.
    • If any revived consciousness can be seen in the events leading up to and following on from Seattle it is an anarchist one.
    • Even as the southern protest movement achieved its civil rights goals, it also revived feelings of racial consciousness among African Americans.
    • Some European researchers have now revived the notion of dissociative processes related to somatic states and functions.
  • 4

    (play/musical) reestrenar
    (play/musical) reponer

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (regain consciousness)
    (patient) recobrar el sentido
    (patient) volver en sí
  • 2

    (regain strength or energy)
    (patient) reanimarse
    (industry/trade) reactivarse
    (trade/industry) repuntar Latin America
    (hope/interest) renacer
    (hope/interest) resurgir
    I'll soon revive after a little rest después de descansar un rato estaré como nueva