Translation of revolution in Spanish:


revolución, n.

Pronunciation: /rɛvəˈluːʃ(ə)n//ˌrɛvəˈluʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1Politics

      revolución feminine
      come the revolution cuando venga la revolución
      • I was trying to start a workers' revolution in Glasgow.
      • How can a party whose principles rest on an international workers' revolution advance socialist policies in a bourgeois political system?
      • They, too, saw a need to keep the Kadets on the side of the Revolution.
      • Violent revolution to overthrow the capitalist system in favour of complete social justice will follow.
      • Louis was now a prisoner of the Revolution and an enemy of the Revolution.
      • In 1979 the US-backed dictator in Nicaragua, Antonio Somoza, was overthrown by a popular revolution.
      • The 1979 revolution overthrew a vicious dictatorial regime supported by the West.
      • By the end of the war, Woodrow Wilson hoped for a liberal revolution in Germany, whereas the Bolsheviks anticipated a socialist revolution.
      • Want to do your bit for the Revolution and stand up for the kids?
      • Here's a new addition to the List of People Who Will Be Up Against the Wall When the Revolution Comes.
      • Immediately after a revolution or a dramatic change of government there are some exuberant examples of patriotic art.
      • Simultaneous revolutions and uprisings erupted in several countries across Europe.
      • The workers' revolution would thus usher in a lasting age of genuine Utopia.
      • As you've pointed out in many of your articles, the revolution against the capitalist plutocracy is largely a war of words and ideas at this point.
      • My father was adamant that change could not come about without a violent revolution and a proletarian dictatorship.
      • Ikea will be first up against the wall when the Revolution comes, hopefully.
      • They regard the 1917 Russian revolution as merely a capitalist revolution overthrowing feudalism.
      • Some of these revolutions were socialist, others capitalist; all were strongly nationalist.
      • In Cuba, Elián was hailed as the child-hero of the Revolution.
      • For an organisation that claims to lead the world revolution, they have nothing.
      • 23 years later, in 1917, the Russian Revolution inspired other revolutions and uprisings throughout Europe.
      • Neither of those things would have been any different, had they had a revolution in favour of democratic government instead of communist.
      • The vortex of wars and revolutions swept away all paper evidence of his education.
      • In 1924, when the Turkish revolution overthrew the Ottomans, the caliphate was abolished.
      • The clearest example was in Russia in the successful workers' revolution in 1917.
      • But the Revolution has not yet fulfilled its tasks.
      • They also claim to be bringing about a new world order… a revolution of sorts.
      • In 1848 the British establishment watched in horror as revolution swept across Europe.
      • This was necessitated by the severe economic problems the country faced in the aftermath of the civil war and the defeat of socialist revolutions in Europe.
      • The Iranian Islamic revolution also must be understood in all its complexity.
      • No one is urged to dwell on the fact that the day's fireworks displays are symbolic of an armed revolution against tyranny and colonialism.
      • So without further ado, grab your hard hat and let the revolution begin!
      • Young believers in the Fascist revolution began to turn towards Communism as an alternative.
      • All that is required to subvert the revolution is to put a for sale sign up in front of its symbols, at which point it is assimilated.
      • There was enormous economic and social unrest, a weak parliamentary system and the fear of a socialist revolution.

    • 1.2(radical change)

      revolución feminine
      • After utterly destroying the once thriving Indian textile industry, Britain sparked its own industrial revolution.
      • The sexual revolution has swept up young adults in a perilous tailspin.
      • A revolution in military affairs suggests a fundamental change in all aspects of warfare.
      • The tools of the much-hyped communications and information technology revolution bring people closer together and drive them further apart.
      • Infinite Data Storage is now close to starting another technological revolution in digital recording technology.
      • But as in TV, the digital revolution is coming in radio.
      • In the women's game, an even greater revolution of sorts was sprung.
      • This is also a cultural question, and Nigeria needs as much a revolution in attitudes and thinking as it does in new legislation or new measures.
      • Rapid technological advances have also fueled the revolution in business affairs.
      • While there may be a few scattered news operations that the revolution has not yet touched, the profession has undergone a technological transformation.
      • The technological computer telecommunications revolution is equally responsible.
      • Identifying the structure of DNA triggered a revolution in biology that is still continuing today.
      • The molecular genetics revolution of the 1960s swept up many of the brightest young minds.
      • Most of Ireland missed out on the first industrial revolution of the late eighteenth century.
      • The arts and crafts movement began in Britain in reaction to the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century.
      • Who are the innovators leading the next tech revolution?
      • Record companies have finally begun to embrace the digital revolution started by the first incarnation of Napster.
      • The materials revolution led to a dramatic and sudden decrease in the cost of building bridges up to 1000m in span a decade ago, and as a consequence we have seen these new kinds of bridges cropping up everywhere.
      • The civil rights revolution of the 1960s presents the relevant object lesson.
      • The book helped to spark a cultural revolution.

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    Mechanics Astronomy
    revolución feminine
    45/33 revolutions per minute 45/33 revoluciones por minuto
    • before noun revolution counter tacómetro