Translation of revolver in Spanish:


revólver, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈvɑlvər//rɪˈvɒlvə/


  • 1

    revólver masculine
    • Usually the toughest choice for an action star is whether to use a revolver or an assault rifle.
    • Vintage Colt revolvers can still provide a great deal of shooting enjoyment.
    • Secondly, Robert De Niro threatens a creditor with a revolver he bought, the result of more borrowing.
    • The engineers told me they had done high-speed video of people shooting these monster revolvers.
    • Some houses were commandeered in the village, and a fierce volley of fire was opened up, as rifles, revolvers, and hand-grenades were utilised.
    • Now I'm in hog heaven, with two fine revolvers to fire what is now my favorite handgun cartridge.
    • Simultaneously, men rose from their places on the grand stand, and fired three quick shots with revolvers into the air.
    • As Luke Fine drew and fired his Colt revolver, Charlie spun to his left as the bullets whizzed by him.
    • That's why full-size and large-frame pistols and revolvers sell better than pocket handguns.
    • The weapons included a revolver, a semi-automatic pistol and a sub-machine gun.
    • They left the native mechanic and a disgruntled Atlee on board and, armed with shotguns, revolvers and machetes, set out on foot into the jungle for the lake.
    • He is accused of possessing a.22 double action Sentinel revolver recovered during a raid on a house in Toothill last year.
    • A detailed analysis of weapons handed in shows the haul includes two revolvers, two single shot pistols and a converted blank firer.
    • Finger grooves are featured on the grips for double-action revolvers, while metal inserts provide consistent fit.
    • He leapt up it as fast as he could, firing his last two revolver shots into the giant creature's head.
    • Josie fires the revolver, and the sound of the shot explodes into the air and disappears into the water.
    • I took it for granted she would know how to unload a double action revolver.
    • It caused an immediate sensation and was clearly the best thing that had ever happened to double-action revolvers.
    • Instead, place appropriate handgun accessories along with the pistols and revolvers in a display case.
    • Duke then fired two warning shots from his revolver, yet the freighter pressed on.