Translation of rewarding in Spanish:


gratificante, adj.

Pronunciation /rɪˈwɔːdɪŋ//rəˈwɔrdɪŋ/


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    (job/experience) gratificante
    the book is hard to get into, but quite rewarding el libro resulta difícil al principio, pero vale la pena hacer el esfuerzo
    • the job is not very rewarding financially el trabajo no está muy bien remunerado
    • We promise a rich, fulfilling and rewarding experience for those who visit Fun Republic.
    • The fact is that it can be, and mostly is, a remarkably rewarding and fulfilling experience, for both sides.
    • I had such a rewarding and fulfilling experience and loved the children.
    • I don't doubt for a moment that it will be a rewarding experience.
    • This has been a quite fantastically rewarding experience.
    • It's been very demanding and has taken a lot of my time but it has been very rewarding and particularly satisfying.
    • This is a most satisfying and rewarding way to pass an evening and you'd be helping someone achieve his goals too.
    • This is a complex exhibition, but persevere and you are in for a rewarding and enriching experience.
    • Developing and running this game has been a rewarding and enriching experience.
    • All those participating have found it a rewarding and enriching experience.
    • Do you think that architecture can offer a rewarding haptic experience?
    • Not content with simply having a restful and rewarding experience, I was still curious to find out just how good I was.
    • It tends to be a rewarding experience, too, for he radiates positive energy.
    • As always, the social side of the event will be a key factor in ensuring that visitors to the region have a rewarding holiday experience.
    • A visit to the Chapel of Adoration in Abbeyleix last week was a unique and rewarding experience.
    • He thinks it is just as important to give his pupils a rich and rewarding experience during their six or seven years at the school.
    • There are techniques that you can utilize, to make your visit to the grocery store a more rewarding experience.
    • Flight Lieutenant Batic said after a very satisfying and rewarding flying career, he opted for a whole new challenge.
    • It has been an interesting and rewarding experience and one which I believe has been of benefit to all concerned.
    • Informal social relations may offer significant and rewarding benefits to individuals.