Translation of rewind in Spanish:


rebobinar, v.

Pronunciation /riˈwaɪnd//riːˈwʌɪnd/

transitive verbrewound

  • 1

    rewind button botón de rebobinado masculine
    • Then the telltale lines on the screen appear as the tape is rewound and the camera pans back.
    • As Stephen J. Gould described it, if one could rewind the tape of life and let events play out again, the results would almost certainly differ dramatically.
    • Astor could ignore someone beside him mouthing words without sound and muttering impatiently whenever he had to rewind the tape.
    • He drops the foil packet into the boiling water, then picks up the camera and begins rewinding the film.
    • She rewound the videotape of the evening news and watched herself at Agent Logan's press conference.
    • If you rewound the tape and played it back we'd appear again and again.
    • Soon she could picture it her mind, like a tape rewound and played over again.
    • Inside, the surveillance commander rewound the tape they had just made.
    • Rod rewound the tape and played it again and again.
    • Brendan rewound the tape a bit and watched the girls at work a second time.
    • Joaquin dropped her bag into an armchair on her way through to the kitchen, pausing only to rewind the answering machine tape.
    • Fat Man's bespectacled sidekick took the woman's video camera and rewound the tape.
    • After the click, the camera instantly started rewinding the film.
    • Lt. Peterson rewound the cassette and played it again.
    • He rewinds the tape to replay a passage about a girl he was courting at the time, and the ineffable sadness that creeps over his face is heartbreaking.
    • Then simply rewind the tape and transfer via FireWire to your PC.
    • Michael sent it an electronic signal to tell it to rewind the tape, then he recorded some loud pop music over that section of the cassette.
    • The camera had to be constantly rewound, and the film shot again - with meticulous planning of the multiple exposures.
    • Fu rewinds the tape, and as he replays it, he reads aloud Zhao's letter to her.
    • Well you need to rewind the tape back a couple of years to when the ecology became part of the agenda for the bishops committee that focused on social justice.