Translation of rewire in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌriˈwaɪ(ə)r//riːˈwʌɪə/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (house) renovar la instalación eléctrica de
    • An electrical engineer's report has revealed that the whole building should be rewired to meet health and safety regulations.
    • If a building is wired with Category 5 or to a lesser extent with Category 5e cabling, it will need to be rewired sooner than a building wired with the draft Category 6 products.
    • Lamps and electric appliances are rewired and repaired.
    • They have carried out a wide variety of works for the Ambulance Service, from panel beating and engine repairs to rewiring electrical systems.
    • The vessel was also rewired and various fire safety devices and anti-pollution equipment was installed.
    • Potts says his company is currently involved in rewiring a building that had a new VDV system installed just four years ago because the design didn't include future growth considerations.
    • The Shinkins rented for 10 months while the house was rewired and replumbed.
    • Teams of volunteer electricians rewire homes that have been cut off because families cannot afford the ‘privatized’ rates - which can be five times higher than in the recent past.
    • A further £150,000 has gone on rewiring the whole house, stripping modern sockets and switches from the ancient walls and replacing them with period counterparts.
    • There are electric storage heaters in the house, which was rewired about 10 years ago.
    • On the recommendation of a friend I hired an electrician to rewire my office.
    • Or what about rewiring the airplane's electrical system through her cockpit chair?
    • There's nothing I can do short of rewiring the shack at $120 an hour.
    • Those with a vested interest in the investment industry would probably argue that you'd need a qualified surgeon to do a heart bypass, a trained electrician to rewire a house, and a suitable mechanic to repair a car.
    • The electrical short on George's car was a surprise, though, especially since we rewired both cars for the weekend.
    • A local marine company had just rewired the boat, he said.
    • As well as replumbing and rewiring the house, he has put down polished wooden floors, added a stylish kitchen extension and had the back garden professionally landscaped.
    • Paul and Ammie use the retreat as a time to sit down and map out what they want to accomplish: rewiring the electricity, putting on a new roof, or building a new deck.
    • Council has allocated $45,000 towards restumping and rewiring the house, along with other minor repairs.
    • The facility has since rewired the docks and the service is much better, he said.