Translation of rewrite in Spanish:


volver a escribir, v.

Pronunciation /riːˈrʌɪt//riˈraɪt/

transitive verbrewritten, rewrote

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    volver a escribir
    volver a redactar
    to rewrite history enfocar la historia desde una nueva perspectiva
    • In 1911 he rewrote the story as a full length novel called Peter & Wendy.
    • It was like someone had rubbed out what they had written and rewrote it, but bigger.
    • We had a final draft and David rewrote things based on who was cast and where we were.
    • He rewrote school history curriculums to place greater emphasis on the military's historical role.
    • LS helped in writing and rewriting the paper and contributed additional ideas to the manuscript.
    • I first wrote it as a one-act play in Kannada and have kept on writing and rewriting it over the years.
    • It took me ages to write this chapter I rewrote it 4 times because I just wasn't happy with it, it felt forced.
    • I wrote in a separate journal and rewrote it into my diary when I got back.
    • He begins rewriting his speech as news of the second impact, and thus suspected terrorist collusion, reaches him.
    • He tried writing an opera called Leonore, but failed so he rewrote it as Fidelio.
    • I was disappointed that the media covering the symposium only rewrote the press release.
    • They wrote vision statements and then rewrote them, soliciting input from people inside and outside the business.
    • Songs like ‘Growing With Love’ were written by Ty, but arranged in such a way that we all rewrote sections of them together in the studio.
    • He sits huddled in a corner, writing his name, erasing it and rewriting it.
    • I had lunch, wrote the bare bones of the piece, e-mailed it to the office, drove to HQ, and rewrote the piece.
    • I wrote, edited, deleted and rewrote this post ten times already today.
    • During 1920 he rewrote it and published it privately in 1922.
    • Before we did anything we wrote and rewrote the script until we felt what we had got written down was a really good story.
    • A reader rewrote the ending to our version of ‘Those Were the Days’.
    • I just wrote a nice long e-mail to someone about a potential business deal, and I wrote it and rewrote it at three times.
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    (copy out)
    volver a escribir
    escribir otra vez


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    nueva versión feminine
    to be in rewrite(s) estar en proceso de revisión
    • before noun rewrite man corrector de estilo