Translation of rhetorical in Spanish:


retórico, adj.

Pronunciation /rɪˈtɒrɪk(ə)l//rəˈtɔrək(ə)l/


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    • But, since the Doctor's question was obviously rhetorical, I'm willing to let it slide.
    • Kyle didn't offer him the time to answer the rather rhetorical question.
    • Hamlet as a play is similarly preoccupied by slander, misrepresentation and selves fabricated from the nothings of rhetorical tropes.
    • Yet isn't prosopopeia a rhetorical device that is found, as a matter of course, in all poetry?
    • It can not be guaranteed by either rhetoric or philosophy, by rhetorical pragmatism or foundationalist theory.
    • This is an argument from the field of descriptive linguistics, made for a rhetorical audience of laypeople.
    • Rather he makes an antagonistic statement, couched as a rhetorical question.
    • This, she shows, is a rhetorical device, with no implication that the dead can actually communicate.
    • She can only be answered with more rhetorical questions.
    • In mentioning the range of the rhetorical lexicon we are not simply talking about lists of tropes and figures.
    • Farewells are commonly used rhetorical tools intended to invite the listener/reader into the moment.
    • I wasn't sure if this was a rhetorical question or not.
    • Mr Henderson's rhetorical question can be easily answered.
    • I ask these not as rhetorical questions and not as a prelude to an intelligent statement that explains exactly how it ends.
    • It was a statement, a rhetorical question, and just by looking at her he was sure that it had made her angry.
    • That is, the songs' rhetorical strategies paralleled those of epideictic speeches.
    • In a work of literature Stewart's lies would constitute synecdoche, the rhetorical device in which a part stands for the whole.
    • People waffle, ramble and throw rhetorical questions into the ether in their blogs, or even just imply that they might wish for a better way round a certain situation.
    • It presents an example of Chicana feminist rhetoric and an inroad to this rhetorical tradition.
    • Unlike Goodman, he stopped short of action by private individuals, but this may have been a rhetorical device.
    • It's in keeping with the rest of this discursive, stimulating book that Kermode leaves the reader with such a provocative, rhetorical question.
    • Why does Billmon keep asking these rhetorical questions?
    • Ovid's chiasmus is a rhetorical picture of the lovers being pulled apart.
    • I don't regard that as a rhetorical question: there is an answer.
    • It should be made clear that India in this regard is a synecdoche (a term of rhetorical analysis for a part which stands for the whole).
    • It might be a rather petulant rhetorical question, or he might just be trying to keep me on the phone.
    • This isn't a rhetorical question but one that, again, would help show whether they're applying this rule fairly or arbitrarily.
    • It is a rhetorical strategy in which scriptural quotations, typologies, or tropes are used for satirical ends.
    • That's a nice little rhetorical trick, to pretend that the only possible omnivorous diet must be an unhealthy fast food one.
    • Adding to the list of rhetorical questions, why did the teenage daughter have such low standards for her boyfriend?
    • Once a commentator commits a major rhetorical gaffe or colossal misstatement of fact, it becomes impossible to take them seriously.
    • Such an ambivalence would make for incoherence and would be hard to accept if we had here mere rhetorical devices and style recipes.
    • That's not a rhetorical question; I'd really like to know.
    • Before I even ask a rhetorical question of how you feel about this, it has been such a joy to watch you come out here these past three weeks, and put your heart and soul into it.
    • The poem avoids question marks not just because Merwin has eschewed all punctuation, but also because his questions are rhetorical.
    • Isn't it ineffective to make statements over and over again in the form of rhetorical questions?
    • A similar rhetorical device is used to make numbers of weapons appear shocking.
    • The word dignitas was a Latin rhetorical and political term that indicated either the possession of high political or social rank or the moral qualities associated with it.
    • Don't worry, these are all rhetorical questions.
    • At minimum, the seller must establish enough of the attributes of attachment to establish the rhetorical framework for persuasion.