Translation of rheumy in Spanish:


lagañoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈruːmi//ˈrumi/


  • 1

    (eyes) lagañoso
    (eyes) legañoso
    • We saw elderly monkeys with thick grey fur, big muscular bodies and rheumy eyes.
    • This is the moment in the funeral video that turns the slow, rheumy trickle from Gordon's eyes into flat-out crying.
    • The trapper then tried to force movement in the aching and tired limbs; he jumped about like a rheumy drunk until he felt his bowed legs limbering to his efforts.
    • He has also confessed to murdering seven women and has emerged as one of the country's most hated criminals, his puffy features and rheumy eyes illustrating many magazine articles.
    • ‘Come and be touched by Oprah Winfrey’, he rattled, his rheumy eyes streaming, staring deep into my soul.
    • With one shaky hand he dabbed at his blood-shot, rheumy eyes, with the other he tap-tap-tapped continually at a hearing aid that looked like it had been built in the Eisenhower administration.
    • He's got more cheekbone than Snoop, bloodshot and rheumy eyes, and he's wearing a scruffy black overcoat and woolly hat.
    • Appearing in other worldly guise, she had a hooked nose with rheumy cold, had cheeks sunken and walked lame.
    • Lee shifts his feet, startled at the giddy look in Wesley's rheumy eyes.
    • It doesn't take much to put it all together; the rheumy eyes, the wrinkles, the unnatural emaciation, and that slight but unmistakable tremor in her hand.
    • Sonia thinks about the restaurant owner with the rheumy eyes and the son who is no good.
    • He gave them a rheumy stare and climbed unsteadily to his feet.
    • His rheumy eyes were wandering sightlessly, but his ears were locked on me and twitching.
    • They look relatively healthy - no bloated bellies or rheumy eyes - but after a few questions it emerges they have consumed only black tea in the past 48 hours.
    • Costley, however, does not come over as any rheumy romantic.
    • Slightly apart stand a line of khaki-clad men, ancients with grizzled beards and yellow, rheumy eyes, dressed in tattered uniforms and battered solar topis.
    • The old rheumy eyes swivel audibly away from the mushroom cloud of dust now settling near the fireplace.
    • Father Stone is standing closer, his eyes staring at me with the rheumy quality of the very old.
    • That creepy old retired nun with the rheumy face of a Martian had locked him in a closet in the basement.