Translation of rhythm in Spanish:


ritmo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɪðəm//ˈrɪð(ə)m/


  • 1

    ritmo masculine
    • You yourself will certainly feel the rhythm, slack or strong, high or low, taut or loose.
    • All of the dancers created amazing syncopated rhythms through just small movements of their feet, never losing a beat.
    • It took him awhile to get back to sleep, but finally he did, and I watched him, listening to the strong rhythm of his heart.
    • Similarly, the most soothing music usually beats at about 70 to 80 tones per minute, which resembles the natural rhythm of a heartbeat.
    • No little heart has beat so strong a rhythm into us.
    • The repetition of the sounds in the carpenter school becomes a natural background rhythm.
    • On TV medical dramas, the clichéd sighs of relief come when the patient's heartbeat settles into a strong, regular rhythm.
    • As a result, your stroke will be shorter, your rhythm will be off and you'll probably swim slower than you're capable of doing.
    • The measured rhythm of their hoofs gave point to her words.
    • I love the rhythm of the movement and the fact that you don't need to think - it frees your thoughts.
    • The most common causes include thickening of heart muscle and irregularities of the electrical impulses that control the natural rhythm of the heart.
    • I was drawn deeper into sleep as I listened to Mother's sweet song with the natural beat and rhythm of the sea accompanying her.
    • Their sneakers pounded out a staccato rhythm at a pace so fast that ‘Lord of the Dance’'s Michael Flatley would be envious.
    • Peripheral pulses (radial and femoral) also should be measured for rate and rhythm and to rule out coarctation of the aorta.
    • The laughter behind me faded, then ceased altogether, and I collapsed to the ground, my breath slowly returning to its natural rhythm.
    • I also have to acknowledge the influence that music has on my work as it contributes to the studio atmosphere and establishes the rhythm for making art.
    • To understand the power of rhythm, jump in and hang on if you're lucky enough to be able to ski for even a short distance behind a better skier.
    • There is a retinal torquing of the field color that is pushed further by the interlocking order of the columns, which establishes a sequential rhythm or pulse.
    • She found herself making up a song, to the slow rhythm of his regular breathing, to the tune of her thoughts.
    • There was a flow and rhythm to the Hockeyroos performance - especially in the first half - which the Black Sticks couldn't match.