Translation of ribbing in Spanish:


elástico, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɪbɪŋ//ˈrɪbɪŋ/


  • 1

    elástico masculine
    canalé masculine
    resorte masculine Mexico Central America Colombia
    • They were dressed for a trip, Paul in a simple and elegant suit of dark blue and Dix in a sophisticated traveling habit of emerald green with black ribbing.
    • The design's extraordinary appeal lies in the side straps, fashioned of soft ribbing and positioned high up on the hip.
    • By contrast, shells with small lateral tubercles develop slender and dense ribbing, which induces a flat whorl section with maximum thickness located near the umbilical shoulder.
    • Some variation for the mittens would be to add a cuff of ribbing or fringe to the outside of the mitten.
    • In Trajana, the varix is formed by an outer lip that expands and curls over toward the aperture, bringing the external ribbing over onto the apertural face of the varix.
    • Such an explanation does not account for the distinctive ontogeny of interpositum, or for the absence of the improbable shell form which associates very thin and dense ribbing with globose general shape.
    • It has two zippered side-entry pockets and high-quality ribbing at the waist and cuffs.
    • The plastic ribbing adds to the rigidity of the structure without a large increase in weight.
    • The shells are 5-10 mm high, possess up to eight or nine whorls, and exhibit a fine axial ribbing (collabral threads).
    • Circular knitting depended on natural elasticity of its ribbing to substitute for fashioning.
    • Using pins, quarter-mark the ribbing and the neck opening.
    • Cut the sleeves from the sweaters prior to piecing, utilizing the original ribbing at the cuffs, if desired.
    • If you think it may get sloppy and peek out you can easily tack it to the shirt body on the front and bottom facing seam lines or into the ribbing seam if ribbing is left at the bottom.
    • The pure expression of surface form, unencumbered by any framing or ribbing, creates a richness in the abstract quality of the constantly changing juxtaposition of surfaces.
    • The expander bolt that is to be used in place of the star nut appears nicely designed with horizontal ribbing and of course there is the threaded center for the top-cap bolt.
    • Cut ribbing to measure 2/3 of the garment opening.
    • In these models, formation of a linear ornament requires pigmentation or ribbing to be connected with previously existing pigment or ribs on the shell margin.
    • Additional ribbing is needed to finish the neckline. Sweater panels come in varying widths and lengths so plan carefully when buying and cutting.
    • Not much can be done to such a basic garment, but the tank top has been brought up to date with some nifty detailing - exposed seaming, Argyle patterns, heavy ribbing.
    • If matching ribbing isn't available or if a ribbed finish isn't desired, bind the garment edges with self-fabric, contrasting knit fabric or ribbing.
  • 2informal

    to give sb a ribbing tomarle el pelo a algn informal
    • Prized Virginia Tech freshman RB Kevin Jones has taken his share of ribbing for opting to wear departed star Michael Vick's No.7, but he isn't worried.
    • Coors got a certain amount of ribbing about this.
    • Bullying behavior isn't always easy to define. Where do you draw the line between good-natured ribbing and bullying?
    • The only moment of bother Carter had was when he returned to the All Blacks dressing room and had to deal with some gentle ribbing from his teammates.
    • Larry shouted back cordially, having taken Robby's genuine insult as mere good-natured ribbing.
    • You definitely get some ribbing, especially if you're playing well.
    • I take the ribbing good-naturedly, because my coworkers are genuinely decent professionals; they treat me with respect and kindness and their comments are not directed at me.
    • I can hear their voices so vividly, feel their playful arms slung around my neck, hear the ribbing and the berating I got for being a virgin soldier.
    • While he admits he takes some ribbing from other researchers about the luxury accommodations on-board the Explorer, Minnett says suffering for one's art or science isn't all it's cracked up to be.
    • There is some good-natured ribbing between them and from within the Glasgow squad about the pair being gay icons.
    • What was funny to me, however, was the barely masked anger in their tone (this was usually from overweight people) disguised as concern or good-natured ribbing.
    • Mild ribbing was all right, hell it was usually very funny, but once again Chris was going to extremes and was being downright nasty.
    • He said he didn't feel like a celebrity, but his short glimpse of fame did come at a price - in the form of good-natured ribbing from friends and work colleagues.
    • Some might have interpreted this as friendly ribbing, but I am convinced that, although friendly enough, he was deadly serious.
    • Most of the time, it's good-natured ribbing of a guy who uses hand cream or gets a little prissy about his hair.
    • SS Rafael Furcal took some ribbing from teammates after his age jumped from 21 to 23 when a discrepancy between his birth certificate and passport was found.
    • I took a lot of ribbing after Bradford won the first game because my family and friends are City fans.
    • McLaren have also attracted much ribbing for their investment in a £218m technology centre near Woking, where the Mercedes SLR McLaren is manufactured.
    • There was good-natured ribbing while the teams walked quietly through the night to their tents.
    • Good-natured ribbing is one thing, but I've seen these things go horribly awry, with the guest of ‘honor’ running out in tears.