Translation of richly in Spanish:


lujosamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈrɪtʃli//ˈrɪtʃli/


  • 1

    (furnished/decorated) lujosamente
    (decorated/furnished) suntuosamente
    • The baths were very early Roman in date, of large size and richly decorated.
    • Her work in Vera Drake is so fully rounded, richly detailed and emotionally devastating that there really is no competition.
    • This is a year in which the qualities of steadiness, patience, loyalty and bravery will be richly rewarded.
    • For that he has been richly rewarded with a piece of footballing history.
    • Every part is richly decorated with flowers, hearts, twisting vines and grotesque heads.
    • Some of the ceilings, especially that of the domed rotunda and the dining room, are richly decorated.
    • In 1534 the Dragalevtsi gospel was composed and was richly decorated with fine paintings.
    • For his journey has been both personal and universal, and richly complex in implication.
    • It is both funny and moving, simple and richly rewarding, and most certainly worthy of your attention.
    • Their six assembly representatives were richly rewarded with four ministerial posts.
    • In this scene the seated woman is also richly dressed and is also wearing a handsome feathered hat.
    • The large vases, jars, and bowls displayed are all richly decorated with delicate and elaborate blue underglazes.
    • The walls of the hall are covered with leather richly decorated with gilt designs.
    • It provides exhilarating fun and a richly designed and often quite funny re-exploration of movies past.
    • But it doesn't take too long to realise that this tiny exhibition is in fact one of the most richly rewarding currently on show.
    • And it is in watching such a richly drawn, complex film that we become the winners.
    • This is a world that is entirely believable with a set of characters and relationships that are complex and richly developed.
    • There are intricate carvings on huge stone columns and the walls are richly panelled and decorated.
    • But if you have any genuine interest in strategy or history, you will be richly rewarded.
    • The two richly dressed infants have brought their pets, as bright-eyed as themselves, with them.
  • 2

    they were richly rewarded recibieron una generosa recompensa
    • they received the punishment they so richly deserved recibieron su bien merecido castigo
    • the most richly endowed country in the region el país con más abundantes recursos de la región
    • a richly detailed biography una biografía rica en detalles / con profusión de detalles