Translation of rid in Spanish:


Pronunciation /rɪd//rɪd/

transitive verbridding

  • 1

    we rid the house of mice eliminamos una plaga de ratones de la casa
    • he wants to rid the city of beggars quiere limpiar la ciudad de mendigos
    • they finally rid the country of corruption al fin libraron al país de la corrupción
    • he rid them of their fears/doubts les quitó el miedo/las dudas
    • I can't seem to rid myself of this cold no me puedo quitar de encima este resfriado
    • to be rid of sth/sb
    • the region is now rid of the disease la zona está ya libre de la enfermedad
    • I'm glad to be rid of the responsibility me alegro de haberme librado de / quitado de encima esa responsabilidad
    • Touchwood sees the illegitimate child he has fathered as ‘a half a yard of flesh’ and, relieved to be rid of it with just a small financial outlay, he remarks ‘and would I were rid of all the wares in the shop so’.
    • They don't deserve protection and the sooner society is rid of them the sooner we will have a better society.
    • Though it matched their bedstead, Steph wanted to be rid of the wardrobe.
    • She wanted to kill herself, right then and there, to be rid of all the pain that shattered her insides.
    • I abhor my father and was relieved to be rid of the burden of his last name.
    • If all goes well, the world could be declared to be rid of polio by 2008.
    • "I'm glad I'm finally rid of it, " I said.
    • Parents wanting to be rid of undesirables will be free to set up their own grammar schools with their own selection systems.
    • You'd think authors would be glad to be rid of the burden really.
    • So the little girl whose mother wanted so desperately to be rid of her will likely have a good and safe family life after all.
    • There were also claims that husbands brought their wives to institutions just to be rid of them.
    • We won't be rid of foot and mouth disease for several months yet.
    • For example, a normal experience of illness is something that one suffers and seeks to be rid of as soon as possible.
    • This is something that I don't think society will ever be rid of completely.
    • No, you threw it in the garbage, and you felt relieved and refreshed to be rid of it.
    • So, as you can imagine, she felt quite relieved to be rid of all that for three months.
    • And this is giving hope to many millions of people to rise up and say we want to be rid of an occupying force.
    • The problem: there is no junkyard for garbage like this, or at least there's no way to ever truly be rid of it.
    • I was so relieved to be rid of him that I just kept hugging Derek over and over.
    • Was it our desire, living in a society where everything is disposable, to be rid of a person who was seen as a burden?