Translation of ridge in Spanish:


caballón, n.

Pronunciation /rɪdʒ//rɪdʒ/


  • 1

    (in plowed field) caballón masculine
    (on wall) resalto masculine
    (on wall) protuberancia feminine
    • Three scars ran over the smooth skin, rough ridges through his cheek and under his eye and up the side of his face.
    • Also, since this sauce is a little thinner than a béchamel, use a pasta with ridges, in order to hold on to the sauce.
    • While it is mostly smooth plastic, there are ridges molded into the running surface.
    • Transverse terrace ridges cross both the axis and pleural region.
    • Tiny ridges, bumps and cracks visible on their surfaces are magnified a thousand fold.
    • Using pipe insulation, carpet padding and polyurethane fill, he has raised ridges and mounds within his paint surfaces.
    • The distal half of the shaft has a faint longitudinal ridge running along the midline of the anterior face.
    • The varnish smoothes out the gaps and ridges on the surface of the teeth and prevents the build-up of plaque, which causes decay.
    • The apical ectodermal ridge consists of closely packed columnar epithelial cells, which are linked by extensive gap junctions.
    • It takes practice to judge how hard to press - too firmly, and you scoop off compound nearly to the tape; too lightly and you leave ridges at the edge.
    • Well-developed longitudinal ridges are consistently present and prominent on both surfaces of the tooth.
    • Painting will accentuate, not hide, any ridges and edges that you leave.
    • Nails are smooth now, ridges gone, white flecks have nearly gone.
    • It shows a band of enamel on one of the sides, and smooth ridges run along the surface.
    • Nearly the entire Unioninae subfamily has smooth surfaces with the exception of ridges formed from the concentric growth rings.
    • The fossil tubes have flanges, concentric growth lines and wavy longitudinal ridges.
    • Hard-wearing though they are, with the passing of time these tiles became slightly concave, so that the pointing lines formed raised ridges.
    • The scapula is a tall narrow blade with a vertical ridge on its external surface.
    • Longitudinal striations are accentuated ridges in the nail surface that can occur as a normal part of the aging process.
    • While the ventral face of the centrum generally is covered with an undulating pattern of faint ridges, the lateral surfaces are more or less smooth.
  • 2

    (of hills) cadena feminine
    (hilltop) cresta feminine
    (on ocean floor) arrecife masculine
    • We can't tell how high they are, but we think they are ridges of hills.
    • They proceeded to the scene which was on the western ridge of the hill.
    • The proposed route traverses steep, forested ridges in an area of frequent earthquakes.
    • You turn to look back at the ridge overlooking your village.
    • With its river beds, attractive hill ridges and stunning mountains, it provides city dwellers access to nature right on their doorstep.
    • For instance, large quartzite boulders cap several of the mountain ridges in the Wallowa Mountains of northeast Oregon.
    • The dyke forms a ridge, as a result of a pervasive calcite cement.
    • I knew from experience that it is vital to descend the east ridge of the mountain.
    • The houses were located on raised limestone beach ridges from 8 to 22 m above sea level.
    • Most of the country consists of gently rolling plains interrupted by two ridges of low hills.
    • Al Deir is encircled by the rounded bluffs and ridges of a range which plunges 1500 metres to Wadi Araba, a valley linking the Dead Sea to the Red Sea.
    • During the Early Devonian two realms were separated by a ridge extending through the centre of the continent.
    • Reach the summit ridge and bear left for the final few feet to the summit.
    • After a morning's climb, we reach the summit ridge in time for lunch.
    • Another portion climbs a ridge of the mountain.
    • Other groups that climbed the ridge in recent days reported icy conditions.
    • Venus has a complex surface, with plains, mountains, volcanoes, ridges, rift valleys, and a few impact craters.
    • Iceland is a segment of mid-ocean ridge domed up above sea level by the plume.
    • The British hoped the operation would secure a strategic ridge overlooking Ypres and smash through the German line.
    • Midweek, Stefan's group will visit the villages of Magura and Pestera, where houses are built along the mountain ridges which flank deep ravines and valleys.
  • 3

    (on roof)
    caballete masculine
    • Metal roofing is applied in approximately 3-foot-wide vertical pieces that stretch from the eaves to the ridge.
    • This has turned out to be a problem, because the attic is vented at the roof ridge, and the vent screen becomes clogged with dryer lint.
    • These are long strips of open, screened vent, typically made from vinyl, that are installed along the ridge of the roof.
    • Six stainless steel flues vent forge smoke through the corrugated iron roof which is cut away at the ridge for a skylight that runs the length of the studio.
    • Under the roof ridge there are cross planks that hold various secrets.
    • Here, the Normans do have a thing or two to learn, because many of the thatched cottages have a row of irises planted along the ridge of the roof.
    • He took the cigarette out, staring at the roof ridge.
    • In church building, for instance, decorative features using cast iron could include the ridge along the roof as well as gates and grilles.
    • Roof ridges had to be carefully supported in their original positions to retain the roof's authentic curvature.
    • The continuous surface helped by removing the requirement for distinctions between wall and roof, eliminating all need for ridges, eaves and even changes of plane.
    • The ridge of the upper-floor ceiling is offset from the central ridge of the gable roof above.
    • Back-to-back classrooms share a wall that runs under the roof ridge, and have either north or south-facing operable windows.
    • The buildings are usually gabled, with rows of tiles along the ridges of the roofs.
    • During my visit I saw that the proposed conservatory would be directly below the main living room window, although the ridge of the roof would not extend as far upwards as the window ledge.
    • There was no apparent evidence of any leakage through the roof slopes, ridge, hip, valley or chimney stack intersections.
    • The ridges of the roofs of the four new homes ended up a metre higher than in the original plans passed by Kennet District Council in 2000.
    • Even the plainer lodges are likely to have additions such as finials and cresting on the ridge of the roof.
    • We view the vacant alternate site of the inner compound and catch our first glimpse of the ridge and the roof finials of the main sanctuary beyond the fences.
    • The ridge of the roof is a water channel from which water overflows onto the thin roofing membrane of stone and glass.
    • These gutter joists, as well as those constituting the ridges of the rooflet have a descent of 6.
  • 4

    a ridge of high pressure un sistema de altas presiones

transitive verb

  • 1

    (ground) acaballonar
    • Either a flat or ridged bottom can be used on a gas burner.
    • The name is based on their four-sided, ridged appearance in tangential cross section.
    • Two mammoth horns curved out from the head stretching up along the sides of a colossal diadem of brilliant brass encircling the bony ridged cranium of the beast.
    • Similar teeth with a conspicuously ridged enamel surface are also known for Acrochordus, and for the colubroid genus Enhydris.
    • Heat a heavy-based frying pan or ridged griddle until very hot.
    • One turn, to brown the birds on the other side, sans weight, and they emerge - juicy, crisp, and handsomely ridged with grill marks.
    • The large, ‘trumpet’ scales are arranged at regular intervals in lines running down the body parallel to a mid-dorsal line of ridged scales.
    • These mounds are of three types: platform, burial, and ridged.
    • The protoconidmetaconid notch is broadly open, forming a shallow U-shaped valley, and there is no raised protocristid; the enamel of the valley surface is moderately ridged and grooved.
    • He states, ‘Initially green, the husks turn black as they mature, then break open to release the hard, ridged nut within.’
    • The anterior part of these plates is ridged and is used to chop food; the posterior part is expanded and flat and used for crushing.
    • The blades were also unusual in being longitudinally ridged and oriented along the axis of the ear branch rather than angling away from it, as in normal A619 ears.
    • Garganelli pasta is like penne but the tube is ridged so it holds more sauce.
    • Starting way back in time - the ground is ridged with long earthworks, there are large round tumuli and there are standing stones that look like a circle on the horizon as you approach them but perhaps are more of a line.
    • ‘These,’ she said, pulling out an old pair of narrow black boots with curiously ridged soles.
    • In addition to the unique single vascular system, these new specimens exhibit a distinct six ridged external shape, and an integumentary morphology shared by no other medullosan ovules.
    • The natives roared and threw spears at its head; most bounced, yet one stuck into its scaly, ridged spine.
    • Growing to a height of some thirty metres, the bark is distinctively ridged and furrowed and has characteristic large burrs or bosses.
    • In the street, wheel tracks ridged the frozen mud.
    • Anton could see the ridged roof of its mouth as it yowled loudly.