Translation of ridiculous in Spanish:


ridículo, adj.

Pronunciation /rɪˈdɪkjʊləs//rəˈdɪkjələs/


  • 1

    (appearance/situation) ridículo
    (idea) absurdo
    (idea) ridículo
    I know it sounds ridiculous ya sé que parece ridículo
    • she made me look ridiculous me hizo quedar en ridículo
    • they're asking a ridiculous price es ridículo lo que piden
    • furniture at ridiculous prices muebles a precios de risa
    • The increase in costs will result in a doubling of our charges, which is totally ridiculous.
    • In this day and age you wouldn't expect it to happen once - but three times is ridiculous.
    • The traffic jams are now so ridiculous I wonder why I bother trying to get to work in the first place.
    • I am sick of hearing the ridiculous arguments about civil liberties and tradition.
    • Plans to name a street in a Bradford village after an exotic pink bird have been branded ridiculous.
    • Just as he has the right to ask for a ridiculous rent increase, you have the right to fight it.
    • I told her that one of my best friends at the time had a crush on her and she just laughed and thought it was ridiculous.
    • The ridiculous part is that had he not applied for a grant, he would not have had to apply for permission.
    • Is it just me or are others finding this practice ridiculous and just a little shady?
    • They try to step into their old shoes and into their old clothes, and they look faintly ridiculous.
    • It's ridiculous that such a beautiful landmark should be closed off for so long.
    • Like all the best comedians, Jethro takes real life and makes it seem ridiculous.
    • The council says that the law does not allow it to play such a role, which is ridiculous.
    • It is extraordinary the number of people who say to me it is ridiculous that players should be paid so much.
    • Be in no doubt that we appreciate how ridiculous this whole episode must look.
    • The idea that smokers take more paid breaks than non-smokers at work is ridiculous.
    • The discussion about everything else we should be blaming and banning is just ridiculous.
    • It is ridiculous to demand that we should give asylum to those who plot the destruction of our society.
    • Why are we not aware of the ridiculous amounts spent on such white elephants?
    • We thought it was ridiculous that someone so young who had just come out of basic training was sent there.