Translation of ridiculously in Spanish:


de forma ridícula, adv.

Pronunciation /rɪˈdɪkjələsli//rəˈdɪkjələsli/


  • 1

    (behave/dress) de forma ridícula
    it's ridiculously expensive es terriblemente caro
    • he gets up ridiculously early es ridículo lo temprano que se levanta
    • This World Cup started as it was to end - with a risible penalty from a ridiculously coiffured superstar.
    • True, troops did not experience the open-armed welcome that so many ridiculously anticipated.
    • It's a shocking record for a club that ridiculously claims to be the Manchester United of Australian sport.
    • Scolari went even further when he refused to watch the team's games, ridiculously claiming they took place too far away from Lisbon.
    • Johnson onstage was somewhat less ridiculously clad, but his musical taste is as questionable as his fashion sense.
    • Somewhat less ridiculously, O'Neill claims that expecting Miller to be the saviour is preposterous.
    • And with a languid snap of his heels, he was off, his curled hair swaying ridiculously on his head.