Translation of rife in Spanish:


extendido, adj.

Pronunciation /raɪf//rʌɪf/


  • 1

    disease is rife cunden las enfermedades
    • corruption is rife reina la corrupción
    • He points to the UK where, despite a generally prudish approach, underage pregnancies are rife.
    • Unemployment was rife and the blood collection centres were magnets for the unemployed and the down and outs.
    • Street lights fail to work, litter is strewn everywhere, vandalism is rife, and adolescents roam the streets aimlessly.
    • TB was also rife and I knew some nurses who went down with it.
    • Disease is rife and diet related illnesses such as scurvy are evident everywhere.
    • However, speculation remains rife that the money generated will be used to fund redundancies this summer.
    • It is commonly agreed that corruption and nepotism is rife within the court system.
    • With identity theft so rife, it would be too easy for imposters to hack accounts.
    • Speculation is rife about whom John Kerry will choose as his running mate.
    • Spyware is rife and virus infection commonplace yet many home users reckon they are safe from online threats.
    • That speculation, which is rife in the tea-rooms of the House of Commons, is - in truth - way off the mark.
    • Rumours have been rife about the emotional health of the sensitive actress, who started in films at 14.
    • This is an epidemic that is devastating the world and serves as a spotlight on the inequalities that are rife throughout the global economy.
    • The social and economic cancer of corruption is rife throughout the continent.
    • Sexual harassment is rife, and more women are being jailed.
    • Worldwide obesity is so rife that it represents an evolutionary shift in human body shape, an expert said yesterday.
    • Health standards declined, malnutrition spread, scabies was rife, and that summer there was a typhoid epidemic.
    • Cultural backwardness is rife in America, but nowhere so pervasively as in small cities and towns.
    • There is no substance in the allegation that unlawful access of phone lines is rife or commonplace.
    • Speculation is already rife in the Scottish arts world about the kind of impact Boyle may have.
  • 2

    to be rife with sth
    • the book is rife with errors el libro está plagado de errores
    • a region rife with unrest una zona de gran malestar social
    • the village is rife with gossip corren innumerables rumores por el pueblo
    • Relationships often come to feel like obligations, burdens, rife with the possibility of self-sacrifice.
    • Many civilians will claim the judiciary, like the rest of the government, is rife with corruption.
    • As for your position, I find it rife with contradictions.
    • Mitchelstown was rife with rumours yesterday of an impending announcement.
    • His regime is rife with corruption and massive channelling of public funds into private pockets.
    • Rugby in South Africa is one of the last bastions of the white man, and still rife with racism.
    • Rather, he revels in confounding his audience and the media, cultivating a persona rife with contradictions.
    • The Justice Project study paints an overall picture of a death penalty system rife with error.
    • In a region rife with conflict, the iron sport offers a positive road to self-improvement and enlightenment.
    • The web is rife with intellectual property theft, and it pays to protect your brand by registering trademarks and appropriate domains.
    • It looks like a body that can't get things done, an organization that is rife with cronyism and lobbyists' money.
    • Although the area is rife with archaeological finds spanning millennia, neglect has deterred visitors.
    • They have a soothing influence on a world rife with tension.
    • Research has shown, however, that recall is unreliable and rife with inaccuracies and biases.
    • Edmonton has a vibrant, happening entertainment scene, rife with talent.
    • The American media is rife with rumours that the King of Pop will skip the country as soon as he is free.
    • It is a town rife with corruption, from city hall on down, and teeming with houses of ill repute.
    • Kept secret at first, the list was made public by a court order, and was quickly discovered to be rife with errors.
    • Johannesburg has never seemed more spectacular, beautiful and uncomfortable - and rife with possibilities.
    • But as trading standards officers in York revealed this week, it's a national pastime rife with hidden dangers.