Translation of rigger in Spanish:


aparejador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɪɡə//ˈrɪɡər/


  • 1

    aparejador masculine
    aparejadora feminine
  • 2

    montador masculine
    montadora feminine
    • Cpl Valdivia recommends that anyone considering a trade transfer to Rigger Parachute first contact a rigger to discuss the pros and cons of the job.
    • Lining up alongside his sporting hero, two-time Olympic gold medallist Michael Diamond, the parachute rigger had a bad first two days, scoring below his usual score.
    • The latest Parachute Riggers course has marched out from the Army Logistic Training Centre, making a total of 550 Army parachute riggers that have been trained since 1966.
    • Jumps are made by parachute instructors and riggers from the PTS who volunteer their time after work to entertain.
    • Sgt Sylvia Connolly is a parachute rigger at PTS and is also the second female in 40 years to become a PJI.
    • As a result, the parachute riggers are taking on more responsibility since they can now plan part of the flight's path.
    • Recalling his experience of flying Oswald Mosley wrote, ‘once in the air you could do nothing about it if anything went wrong, on the ground the machine was looked after by our friends the mechanic and riggers.’
    • Great credit is due to parachute rigger Michael Sandorse of the 486th Squadron.
    • In addition to clerical work, they also filled positions as parachute riggers, mechanics, radio operators, mapmakers, and welders.
    • If it weren't for the parachute riggers' dedication to making sure aircrew have all their required equipment, in good condition, we would have lost a lot more pilots.
    • OC Parachute Maintenance Wing Capt Jimi Harcourt is responsible for the parachute riggers and all parachutes and related equipment.
    • I assisted in Joe's camera work, assisted riggers, and ground control.
    • ‘All the riggers here know our role is crucial,’ said Munos.
    • They also filled nontraditional billets as air traffic controllers, link trainers, mechanics, and parachute riggers.
    • A competent rigger can easily replace parachute lines sewn directly to the parachute.
    • The squadron is made up of air dispatchers, parachute riggers and support elements and is involved in pretty much everything everyone else does in the ADF.
    • They also had Scott, a certified rigger, redesign their deployment procedure with a pull-out pilot chute system.
    • For similar reasons, one should not replace a bridle with a not original one: the parachute has been designed and tested as a whole and any repair should be made by the manufacturer or an approved rigger.
    • At times, cooks acted as supply specialists, water specialists conducted aviation hot-refuels, riggers worked as movement specialists, and mechanics fixed nonstandard vehicles.
    • Parachute riggers from the 82nd Airborne Division in February conducted the first airdrop of fuel to support Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.