Translation of right in Spanish:


correcto, adj.

Pronunciation /raɪt//rʌɪt/


  • 1

    (translation/interpretation/answer) correcto
    you made the right choice elegiste bien
    • you made the right decision by not telling her hiciste bien en no decírselo
    • are we going in the right direction? ¿vamos bien?
    • are you sure this is the right house? ¿estás seguro de que esta es la casa / de que es aquí?
    • make sure you put it back in the right box ten cuidado y ponlo en la caja que corresponde
    • did you press the right button? ¿apretaste el botón que debías?
    • you didn't press the right button apretaste el botón que no era
    • do you have the right change? ¿tienes el cambio justo?
    • do you have the right time? ¿tienes hora (buena)?
    • are we on the right train? ¿no nos habremos equivocado de tren?
    • is that the right time? ¿está bien ese (/ tu etc. ) reloj?
    • I was sexually abused as a child by a relative and Mr Hearld is absolutely right, the effect never leaves you.
    • It's important to get the names of the various bits of our British islands and their inhabitants right.
    • My short answer to that question is that there is no clearly right answer to it.
    • Again the government admitted, before the election, that its critics were right.
    • He drew pictures instead of making calculations, and somehow got the right answers.
    • With the exception of Jonny Wilkinson's superb try in the third Test, he is absolutely right.
    • Yes, yes, everything you say is right and true, but something about it just didn't quite cut it.
    • While it is right that York is not preserved in formaldehyde, the sheer scale of development is troubling.
    • In this respect, the Sangh Parivar is quite right in saying that facts do not matter.
    • Another reason I try to get my facts right is that putting ideas on paper gives them weight.
    • In my opinion, however, that is not the right conclusion to be reached from those authorities.
    • Inland Revenue has the expertise and can ask the right questions to get the right answers.
    • Detailed answer feedback tells them what they got wrong, as well as highlighting the right answer.
    • If we prove right in our judgments, that would bear out in how events transpire.
    • I narrowed my eyes at him but let out a sigh and resigned myself to the fact that he was right.
    • If the US is right, the doctrine is now established as part of the law of nations.
    • Those who had written the right answers were thrilled when each result was announced.
    • Manet thought his wife didn't fit into the picture; as a matter of fact he was probably right.
    • For certain kinds of mathematical problem, computers have no short cuts to the right answer.
    • If the government is right it has no reason to fear removing ministers entirely from the judgment process.
    • Try a pop and movies quiz, with a prize for the child or group who gets the most answers right.
    • We do not allow people a second try on a second question when they have so absurdly got it right the first time round.
    • Did Hemingway know the right answer and not reveal it before taking his own life?
    • In my opinion, the Judge was right in the decision which he reached on the Second Issue.
    • The effect on his colleagues would have been only mildly eased by the fact that Laplace was right!
    • Two years there from now too, the German historians will accept that we're right.
    • Perhaps the answer is that both answers are right, but it all depends on which way you want to look at it.
    • Public opinion is not always right, and it is frequently mistaken about military action.
    • Not so, the masses are right to have their opinions and favourites - but that does not validate them.
    • Socialist Review was right to say last month that confidence is beginning to return to the rank and file.
    • Why would they wish to be seen as soft on drugs if they did not think their opinions were right?
    • North Yorkshire police are right to re-emphasise today that this is one of the safest places to live.
    • To have a shot at winning the prizes all you have to do is give us the right answer to this question.
    • The Speaker is not a quizmaster who decides whether the right answer has been given to a question.
    • Mr Houseman is absolutely right to claim that the rateable system is unfair.
    • North and East Yorkshire councils are right to exercise caution in reopening rights of way.
    • Where she was not right was in justifying the higher rate poundage on lower rateable values in Scotland.
    • However strongly a person may feel that he or she is right, human memory is notoriously fallible.
    • It would be much better for all of us if they just gave us the choice, and the right facts.
    • He is absolutely right in saying that local children would benefit as the nearest play park is at least half a mile away.
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (clock/thermometer) estar bien
      to be right ser justo
      • to be right about sth/sb tener razón en cuanto a algo/algn
      • to be right in sth
      • to be right to + inf
      • to get sth right
      • you were right when you said that ... tenías razón / estabas en lo cierto cuando dijiste que ...
      • you'd like to borrow some money: am I right? quieres que te preste dinero ¿me equivoco?
      • (set phrase) the customer is always right el cliente siempre tiene razón / lleva la razón
      • how right she was! ¡cuánta razón tenía!
      • I hope you're right ojalá no te equivoques
      • am I right or am I right? ¿sí o sí?
      • what he said was right tenía razón en lo que dijo
      • if my calculations are right si no me equivoco en los cálculos
      • the date is right la fecha está bien
      • that can't be right! ¡no puede ser!
      • she was right about Dan tenía razón en cuanto a Dan
      • am I right in thinking this has happened before? si no me equivoco esto ya había pasado antes ¿no?
      • you were right in suspecting her of dishonesty tenías razón / no te equivocaste al sospechar de su honradez
      • you're right to complain haces bien en quejarte
      • you got two answers right acertaste dos respuestas
      • I got his age right le acerté la edad
      • did I get your name right? ¿entendí bien tu nombre?
      • I can't get the rhythm right no me sale bien el ritmo
      • you should get your facts right before you criticize people antes de criticar deberías informarte bien de las cosas
      • that's right: hold it firmly eso es / muy bien, sujétalo fuerte
      • I guess you're Bobby — that's right! tú tienes que ser Bobby — ¡el mismo! / ¡así es!
      • you know she's nearly 50? — is that right? ¿sabes que tiene casi 50 años? — ¿de verdad? / ¡no me digas!
      • Alice agrees with me, isn't that right, Alice? Alice está de acuerdo conmigo, ¿no es verdad, Alice?
      • two o'clock tomorrow, right? — right! a las dos mañana ¿de acuerdo? — ¡de acuerdo!
      • you just shut up, right? tú te callas ¿eh? / ¿estamos?
      • right you are, sir! ¡cómo no, señor!

    • 2.2

      to put sb right sacar a algn del error
      • put me right if I'm wrong corrígeme / dime si me equivoco
      • I thought it was allowed but she soon put me right yo pensé que se podía pero ella enseguida me sacó del error
      • I'd have ended up in Watford if that policeman hadn't put me right si el policía no me hubiera indicado el camino, habría ido a parar a Watford
      • to put the clock right poner el reloj en hora

  • 3

    (good, suitable)
    (size/word/attitude/tool) adecuado
    (attitude/tool/size/word) apropiado
    it's important to roast it at the right temperature es importante asarlo a la temperatura adecuada
    • were the curtains the right length? ¿estaban bien de largo las cortinas?
    • the right side of the material el derecho de la tela
    • if the price is right si está bien de precio
    • the color is just right el color es perfecto
    • the climate is just right for growing tomatoes el clima es ideal para el cultivo de tomates
    • this knife is just right for cutting vegetables este cuchillo es perfecto para cortar verduras
    • I like everything to be just right me gusta que todo esté perfecto
    • not now, I'm not in the right mood ahora no, no estoy de humor / no tengo ganas
    • I can't find the right key no encuentro la llave que corresponde
    • I doubt whether she did it for the right reasons dudo que lo haya hecho por los motivos debidos
    • she wasn't wearing the right clothes no llevaba la ropa adecuada
    • he knows all the right people tiene muy buenos contactos
    • you said all the right things dijiste todo lo que tenías que decir
    • this isn't the right time este no es el momento (apropiado)
    • you came just at the right time llegaste justo en el momento oportuno
    • I don't think she's the right person for the job no me parece que sea la persona adecuada / indicada para el trabajo
    • those shoes don't look right with the coat esos zapatos no quedan bien con el abrigo
    • he's still on the right side of forty todavía no tiene cuarenta
    • that job is just right for him el trabajo está hecho a su medida
    • that hat's just right for you ese sombrero te queda que ni pintado
    • is the stool the right height for you? ¿el taburete está bien de alto para ti?
    • they're just right for each other están hechos el uno para el otro
    • we want to do what is right for the child queremos hacer lo que sea mejor para el niño
    • this isn't the right climate for ferns este no es buen clima para los helechos
    • We would have to look at the prison rules and it would require a lot of work to achieve acceptance of people that this is the right way to go.
    • But honesty didn't seem right at the moment.
    • The widow, who was 56 at the time, had been on plenty of dates but she still hadn't met the right man.
    • There is a fear that they made the right noises to calm the situation down and now it has all gone quiet.
    • She nodded back at me and turned so we were both facing in the right direction, towards which we began to walk.
    • Part of being a truly smart person is to know which level is the right one at a given time.
    • On the surface it seems like the consultant had the right perspective of the situation.
    • If you have the right elements at the right time, maybe it's true, anything can happen.
    • He knew exactly what everyone had to do, who had to run where to make the right pass for that situation.
    • Yesterday the various execs will all have sounded the right notes as they handled the various launches.
    • If our attitude is right and everything goes according to plan, we could cause an upset.
    • Just outside the forming neutron star conditions are right for this kind of nuclear alchemy.
    • He was an outstanding communicator who offered the right briefing at the right moment.
    • He turned 29 three days ago and could probably do a job for England in the right conditions.
    • It involves distorting an image so that it is unrecognisable unless viewed in the right way.
    • For me, he was the right man at the right moment, and it doesn't surprise me that he is heading their next World Cup bid.
    • The style Maudslay employed is deliberately a little archaic, and in my judgement exactly right.
    • The timing is right and the climatic conditions just perfect to try out some of the ideas we have.
    • Making the right decisions will allow the team to perform at its best.
    • I realised that despite my best moral efforts I had not been able to sound the right chord.
    • Something doesn't seem quite right at the very start of this disaster.
    • He sounds just the right height to run the risk of encountering an accidental sharp elbow jab to the bridge of his nose.
    • He said people mistakenly believed that adding salt to water would create the right conditions.
    • Tourism in York was now at about the right level according to the chairman of the English Tourism Board.
    • Sometimes it can be genuinely disabling without the right treatment, if a nerve is trapped or a disc is bulging.
    • Deciding the property was right for them, they put in an offer on the spot.
    • Well, that's simply not the right way to think about the situation, according to Microsoft.
    • His current slump in form, a rare happening again, has to be viewed in the right perspective.
    • Did they hold up in the face of criticism with the right combination of vulnerability and bravery?
    • In the right conditions this is an incredible dive, but most of us found it terrifying on this occasion.
    • Colin said that he would be keen to talk to anyone who thinks that they have the right kind of property in the area.
    • Most right-minded people accept that there's a right time and place for a firework display.
    • The right exercises with the correct volumes and intensities will give you what you seek!
    • She was very calm, knew what she was doing and brought it to the attention of the right authorities.
    • I suspect the firefighters would accept such a deal if it were presented in the right way.
    • He argues that the two officers who had failed to make a match did so because they were not given the right conditions to do so.
    • It's easy to listen to, but difficult to perform with the right balance, sound and atmosphere.
    • Only by getting to know oneself can one make the right choices at crucial moments, Lee said.
    • This goes beyond a matter of different opinions about who is right for the job.
    • Bening plays the spirited Sue Barlow, a spinster who has waited to meet the right man.
  • 4

    (just, moral)
    to be right ser justo
    • what they did wasn't right lo que hicieron estuvo mal / no fue justo
    • it's not right to do this to people es injusto / no está bien que le hagan esto a la gente
    • it's right and proper es de justicia
    • What I'm saying is, is it actually right, is it morally the right reason to legalise the drug?
    • Conduct which is justified is right, or at least permissible, in the circumstances.
    • This scenario no doubt raises questions as to whether it is morally right for a teacher to date a pupil.
    • In all the circumstances, I do not think it would be right to allow Evans's conviction to stand.
    • Of course it is right that the legal profession should be accountable for its acts and defaults.
    • The company is certainly right not to allow its business decisions to be dictated by a single ratings agency.
    • When we follow our conscience, we weigh the arguments and do what we recognise to be right.
    • You have to decide what you believe is right and recognise it is a very heavy responsibility.
    • Supporters emphasise the fact that they are truly in love and it is right that they can finally be together.
    • We demonise those that do not accept the system yet never question whether the system is right.
    • I am satisfied, however, that it would be right to allow this evidence to go before the jury.
    • In a civilised society, it can't be right to allow vulnerable people to effectively starve to death.
    • Rallies and legitimate demonstrations are right and proper ways of making their feelings known.
    • To say a certain type of behaviour has evolved is not to say it is morally right.
    • If they can do it in a way that they feel is morally and ethically right, that's fine.
    • Readers may think I am wrong, but morally we must behave as though I was right.
    • She said that by not accepting the money, she would be admitting they were right.
    • It is enough to say that we have always contended that it is right and proper that that decision is in the hands of the judges.
    • Crucially, I also said he had done the right thing in recognising his errors and deciding to resign.
    • I believe a change would not only be right for the CIU, but also morally right.
  • 5

    • 5.1(in order)

      the steering isn't right la dirección no está bien
      • it's too quiet: something's not right hay demasiado silencio, algo pasa
      • something isn't right with the thermostat algo le pasa al termostato
      • what's wrong with it? — what's right with it? ¿qué le pasa? — ¡más bien di qué es lo que no le pasa!
      • to put sth right arreglar algo
      • they put right their earlier mistake subsanaron su error anterior
      • he thinks he can make everything right by apologizing se cree que con pedir perdón ya está todo arreglado

    • 5.2informal (fit, healthy)

      she's not quite right in the head no está muy bien de la cabeza

  • 6Britishinformal

    (complete, utter)
    he's a right idiot es un idiota redomado / de marca mayor
    • he got himself into a right mess se metió en un tremendo lío
    • we got a right soaking nos empapamos
    • I'm having to eat it it with my hands now and I'm making a right mess of my keyboard, oh yes.
    • The only aggressive magick I've done was directed towards a right cow in the last place I worked.
    • Laois is in a right mess and it will take a lot more than Paudi Butler to sort it out.
    • Looking back I suppose it was quite comical, we must have looked like a right old married couple.
    • At school Gareth looked a right mess.
    • On top of nicking my biscuits they had also made a right mess when they made the tea.
  • 7

    (opposite of left)
    (shoe/side/ear) derecho
    take the next right turn coja la primera a la derecha Spain
    • right turn! ¡media vuelta a la derecha!
    • He would grow increasingly frustrated and lose his temper because he could not use his right arm properly or hold a pen.
    • She stood up, and balanced the basket on her hip though a stab of pain flashed up her body from her right leg.
    • Pat began to have pains in her right hip and side and mild stomach upsets in January last year.
    • Leave your hand on the wall and turn your body so the right hip and shoulder face the wall.
    • One year before admission his right kidney had been removed because of renal cancer.
    • As to the ribs, Dr Williams found that Harry had suffered a fracture of the second right rib at the side under the armpit.
    • He had a swollen right orbit, a laceration over the right elbow, and bloody discharge from both nostrils.
    • In doing this, I levered a rock quickly out from the top section and watched it plummet towards my right foot.
    • It was true; Beth's right foot was clad only in a pink sock with a hole in the toe.
    • The youth was driven by ambulance to Lewisham Hospital with six puncture wounds around the right elbow.
    • The woman grasps his ankles and the man places his left hand over her hip and props his body up with his right arm.
    • After having them only a few weeks he noticed the pattern fading on the right shoe.
    • Use the same technique as above but add a twist, lifting your right shoulder towards the opposite knee.
    • He flung the cigarette to the ground and squashed it slowly with the toe of his right shoe.
    • He said forensic experts concentrated on the right shoe, which had four hairs.
    • It does mean, however, that a fast front crawl is as important as a strong right arm.
    • The first outwardly visible sign of change is in the body's right foot which has begun to spasm and move at the ankle.
    • A deformity in his right elbow has meant that he was up against great odds from the very beginning.
    • Lift your right shoulder off the mat and touch your left knee with your right elbow.
    • She extended her right arm towards the dragon, her hand shaking slightly with fear.


  • 1

    (correctly, well)
    (pronounce/answer) bien
    (pronounce/answer) correctamente
    I had guessed right había adivinado
    • she's not wearing the hat right no lleva bien puesto el sombrero
    • nothing goes right for them todo les sale mal
    • you did right to tell me this hiciste bien en decírmelo
    • to do right by sb portarse bien con algn
    • to see sb right velar por algn
    • his father will see him right su padre velará por él
  • 2

    (all the way, completely)
    the ball flew right over the fence la pelota fue a parar al otro lado de la valla
    • the road goes right along the coast la carretera bordea toda la costa
    • right from the start desde el principio
    • right down to the last details hasta el último detalle
    • he put it right at the back lo puso bien al fondo (de todo)
    • she filled it right up lo llenó hasta el borde
    • it's soaked right through está empapado
    • the bullet went right through the wall la bala atravesó la pared de lado a lado
    • they kept hoping right up until the last moment no perdieron las esperanzas hasta el último momento
  • 3

    they live in the apartment right above ours viven en el apartamento justo encima del nuestro
    • I live right next door vivo justo al lado
    • it's right in front of you lo tienes allí delante de las narices
    • the ball landed right in the puddle/on her head la pelota cayó justo en medio del charco/le dio en plena cabeza
    • he was right here/there estaba aquí mismo/allí mismo
    • right now (immediately) inmediatamente
    • right then en ese preciso momento
  • 4

    right after lunch inmediatamente después de comer
    • I got home and went right back out again llegué a casa y salí otra vez inmediatamente
    • I'll be right back vuelvo enseguida
    • no need to knock: go right in no hace falta llamar, entra nomás
  • 5Britishdialect

    it was right tasty estaba buenísimo / riquísimo
    • it's right cold in here! ¡qué frío hace aquí!
  • 6

    (to the right)
    (face/turn) a la derecha
    right and left a diestra y siniestra


  • 1

    derecho masculine
    right to sth/+ inf derecho a algo/+ inf
    • right of sth derecho a algo
    • the right to privacy el derecho a la intimidad
    • you had no right to ask her no tenías derecho a preguntárselo
    • the public has a/the right to know el público tiene derecho a estar informado
    • it's your right to refuse tiene derecho a negarse
    • they refused her the right of reply le negaron el derecho a responder
    • in her/his/its own right
    • she is Queen in her own right es Reina a título propio / por derecho propio
    • she is also a composer in her own right ella también es compositora
    • the title is his by right el título le corresponde a él
    • by right of birth por derecho de nacimiento
    • by what right? ¿con qué derecho?
    • they've come to expect it as of right han llegado a considerar que es su derecho
  • 2rights pl

    (masculine plural) derechos
    women's/workers' rights los derechos de la mujer/los trabajadores
    • grazing rights derechos de pasto
    • performing/translation rights derechos de representación/traducción
    • film rights derechos cinematográficos
    • all rights reserved reservados todos los derechos
    • to be within one's rights estar en su (/ mi etc. ) derecho
    • bang to rights, dead to rights con las manos en la masa
    • to be caught bang / dead to rights ser pillado con las manos en la masa
  • 3

    (what is correct)
    he doesn't know right from wrong no sabe distinguir lo que está bien de lo que está mal
    • to be in the right
    • she's in the right, you know ella tiene razón / lleva la razón / está en lo cierto ¿sabes?
    • you were in the right, the other driver should have waited tú no tuviste la culpa / tú hiciste lo correcto, el otro conductor debería haber esperado
    • by rights you should have asked my permission first lo que correspondía era que me pidieras permiso antes
    • to put / set sth to rights arreglar algo
    • to set the world to rights arreglar el mundo
    • these pills will soon set you to rights con estas pastillas te pondrás bien enseguida
  • 4

    (opposite the left)
    derecha feminine
    can't you tell your left from your right? ¿no sabes cuál es tu izquierda y cuál tu derecha?
    • your cup is the one on the right tu taza es la de la derecha
    • to drive on the right manejar por la derecha
    • move the picture to the right corre el cuadro hacia la derecha
    • keep (to the) right mantenga su derecha
    • on / to the right of the president, on / to the president's right a la derecha del presidente
    • on / to my/your right a mi/tu derecha
    • from right to left de derecha a izquierda
  • 5

    (right turn)
    take the next right tome la próxima a la derecha
    • to make / take a right girar / torcer / doblar a la derecha
  • 6

    (hand) derecha feminine
    (blow) derechazo masculine
  • 7

    the right la derecha
    • she is to the right of her colleagues está a la derecha de sus compañeros
  • 8

    the Right la derecha
    • the Right is / are divided la derecha está dividida

transitive verb

  • 1

    (set upright)
  • 2

    (put in order)
  • 3

    (injustice) reparar
    to right a wrong reparar un daño



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