There are 2 main translations of ring in Spanish

: ring1ring2


anillo, n.

Pronunciation /rɪŋ//rɪŋ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(on finger)

      anillo masculine
      (woman's) anillo masculine
      (woman's) sortija feminine
      (for nose, ear) aro masculine
      before noun diamond ring anillo de brillantes / diamantes masculine
      • They held hands and recited vows, traded simple silver rings as wedding bands, and then kissed.
      • When he doubled over I got out of my desk and clamped one of the rings of my binder on his nose and pulled as hard as I could.
      • The diamond ring and the wedding band Nikolas placed on my finger six months ago blinds me as it catches the sun's rays.
      • As well as selling rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, Lopes also stocks Brazilian and Italian leather handbags in her shop.
      • He started walking to the office, twisting the silver ring around his finger as he thought.
      • Inside the box, was a gold diadem set with topaz and amethyst, with a matching bracelet, which had chains extending into rings for each finger.
      • Suppose you have a rubber band, an apple and a ring doughnut.
      • Ford noticed an incredibly large diamond ring on her finger and several solid gold bracelets.
      • For instance, exporters of rough gemstones should start exporting finished gemstone products like rings and other jewellery, he said.
      • My hands were shaking as I tried pick the right key from my ring of keys and put it into the lock.
      • Zach was strapped onto a concave table, his legs and arms spread out, metal rings securing him at the wrists and ankles.
      • Before leaving, I search Jerry's study until I find a set of keys on a plastic ring labeled Cabo.
      • He took her hand and slid a gorgeous ruby and diamond ring onto her middle finger.
      • She wore huge diamond earrings and her fingers were loaded with rings of sapphire, emerald, and of course diamond.
      • John and Vanessa passed on the burgers (they said that they were vegetarians) and munched on some onion rings.
      • Same goes for scenes of genuine sadness, such as Giamatti drinking his best bottle of wine alone, and with onion rings.
      • She had on star earrings, and she wore many bracelets around her wrists and rings on almost every finger.
      • An RPR network consists of a set of RPR switches connected together by two counter-rotating optical fiber rings.
      • He pushed her to the floor and hurriedly tied the chains to small, round iron rings which attached to the floor beneath Deserea.
      • He looked angry as he stared at the closed door, twisting the silver ring around his finger.
      • We stopped at this Denny's and I ordered a huge cheeseburger, fries, onion rings, and a huge vanilla shake.
      • This is worn with a variety of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, and other ornaments.
      • Chloe held up her hand to admire the diamond ring on her finger.
      • The drive can either sit on your desk horizontally on top of a rubber ring that attaches to its side or it can be mounted vertically using a supplied stand.
      • A flotation ring was thrown to him and he hooked it with one arm, wrapping the other around her waist as they were pulled toward the cruiser.
      • It uses rubber rings and to make up for their lack of shape, one side is coloured black, the other white and any quoit which falls black side up, doesn't score.
      • He picked up his ring of keys and sorted through them, searching to the sound of jingling metal.
      • I fidgeted with the silver ring on my finger in a nervous manner, afraid of what he was going to do or say.
      • Popping the aluminum ring, he took a gulp and settled back for the wait.
      • The onion rings were about as far removed from the original root vegetable as you can get.
      • Her eyes kept on getting diverted to the diamond ring on her finger and she couldn't help but smile.
      • The rubber rings oscillated the bed while the train moved, much to the annoyance of the patient.
      • For answer, she saw her son reach into his jeans pocket, bring out his ring of keys to house and car and toss them over his shoulder.
      • In another car, Helen, who now had a diamond ring on her finger, told a shocked Howard that she had kissed his mother.
      • Brunner once looked on like an indulgent pledge master as his team spent weeks bombarding one another with flying rubber rings.
      • She was festooned with bangles, rings, necklaces, earrings and jewellery.
      • She leaned against the doorframe, playing with a silver ring on her finger and trying to figure out what to say.
      • There are four branches of the collection of individually-crafted earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and brooches.
      • Searching through the mass of keys on the ring, she found the one she wanted and slipped it into the keyhole on Ryder's door.
      • On her neck she wore a gold necklace of diamonds and she wore rings on her fingers.

    • 1.2(circular object)

      the bull had a ring through its nose el toro tenía un aro en la nariz / una nariguera
      • he had a ring in his ear tenía un aro en la oreja
      • a curtain ring una argolla / anilla
      • there was a ring around the pigeon's foot la paloma tenía una anilla en la pata

    • 1.3(circular shape)

      círculo masculine
      to stand in a ring hacer un corro
      • a dirty ring around the bathtub un cerco de suciedad / de mugre en la bañera
      • the rings of Saturn los anillos de Saturno
      • she put a ring around the date/advertisement marcó con un círculo la fecha/el anuncio
      • to have rings around one's eyes (dark rings) tener ojeras
      • to run rings around sth/sb darle sopas con honda(s) a algo/algn
      • A ring of flames emerged from the center, and traveled outwards.
      • Miyoko found a small ring of bushes that kept out the wind.
      • It was almost possible to see the location of the Palace, at the centre of concentric rings of islands.
      • He had just stepped into the center of the ring of Falcons.
      • A ring of admirers had already formed around their table, and Nyrouya thinned her lips disapprovingly at those bystanders.
      • When Conch finished and looked around once more, she found a ring of nasty, unshaven, dirty, men had emerged from the forest.
      • In Samhain, banks of grass-covered earth in the shape of a sleeping woman wrap around a pool encircled in a ring of birch trees.
      • Downtown today is a strange and atmospheric four mile area cut off like a citadel from the rest of the region by a moat-like ring of freeways.
      • A second later, ten psymancers appeared in a ring around her.
      • Behind these rings of trees are yet more grassy fields, some wild and overgrown, others kept trim and tidy.
      • Roustabouts shouting from the crow's nest float like Ascension angels on a ring of lights.
      • In Long Beach Lot, the traffic missing from Blue Highway slumbers in the smoggy sunset, guarded by a ring of shadeless palms.
      • There would be a ring of dudes and one dude would be in the middle and then one by one, someone would tackle you and if you fell in the first minute, you had to run a mile as fast as you could.
      • Haiden's smile only brightened wider when the dark elves approached the top of a cliff to look down on a small caravan of dwarves, camped in a ring of trees in the valley below.
      • Within moments, Maru and Zach had found themselves in a ring of eleven men; each one looking as determined and concentrated as them.
      • Suddenly they heard a voice outside the ring of zombies, yelling out the counter-curse in a loud, clear voice, over and over again.
      • The guests form a ring enclosing the bride, Ona, and men dance with her.
      • Tom found himself surrounded by familiar faces that blurred into a ring of gleaming teeth and eyes.
      • A ring of mountains covered with lush vegetation frames the city.
      • A ring of ships floated around it, waiting for docking clearance.

    • 1.4also growth ringBotany

      anillo masculine

    • 1.5British (burner)

      quemador masculine
      hornilla feminine Latin America Southern Cone
      hornillo masculine Spain
      hornalla feminine River Plate
      • Each table has its own gas ring, and you cook the beef as you need it, then dip the paper-thin slices in chilli or sesame sauce.
      • A higher-wattage gas ring is designed to handle the shape and heat demands of a convex shaped wok with ease.

  • 2

    • 2.1(in boxing, wrestling)

      cuadrilátero masculine
      ring masculine
      to throw / toss one's cap / hat into the ring entrar en liga
      • my hat is in the ring estoy en la contienda
      • The sand was abruptly gone, and he faced the Hulk across a boxing ring, in the gym where a kid with a zip gun once tried to kill Jack McGee.
      • The final bout in the boxing ring is genuinely exciting, although the evening seems to tail off, lacking a real ending.
      • The fighters circled the ring for a little while, but it didn't take them as long to get into some action.
      • Against all odds, this blue-collar youth will make it in the boxing ring.
      • The ring physician examines Harry Campbell after he collapsed in his corner following a decision loss to Al Medrano.
      • After a quick introduction the film jumps back twenty years to show us how these two ended up in the ring together.
      • I felt as if we were in a boxing ring, facing off my opponent.
      • These events are intercut and cross over each other until the moment that Ali first explodes into the boxing ring.
      • He noted how they positioned the camera outside the ring for round 1, but then went inside for Round 2.
      • Perhaps another tragedy but created not in the flashpoint of the boxing ring but over a phenomenal career was that of Muhammad Ali.
      • As Lola works to keep Manny out of the boxing ring and out of trouble, complications quickly arise.
      • Slowly moving forward, Lee and Ty circle around the ring two times and approach each other in the middle again.
      • There are jerks on both side of the gender gap and Diana doesn't seem to fit in anywhere except in the boxing ring.
      • The film is about a young girl who isn't the easiest going gal at high school and ends up finding a certain peace in the boxing ring.
      • It's the tune to listen to before running into the boxing ring; far smarter and ultimately more cool than Simply the Best.
      • The last mode of play is knockout tournament wherein up to 16 players that you've unlocked in the main mode can fight for ring supremacy.
      • In exchange, Rocawear gets placement in the game, via ring signage and a tag on Afro Thunder's boxing trunks.
      • George Foreman talks about his success in business, and the fact that he may go back into the boxing ring.
      • Surrounding the ring are members of Flair's Four Horsemen group as well as Dusty Rhodes and several other babyfaces.
      • And, besides, Danny is more interested in going out dancing with new lover Bella than he is on being light on his feet in the boxing ring.

    • 2.2(in circus)

      pista feminine
      • Kris sometimes just saddled her up, walked into the ring, and sat thinking on her back.
      • Published breed standards and show rings created islands of control and predictability in a turbulent world.
      • Movies themselves became their own three rings circuses of over the top theatrics.
      • The audience were seated in rows of benches surrounding the ring.
      • Soon, the Christmas season for the Griswold family starts to look like a three ring circus.
      • The darkness around the arena made it hard for spectators to see the ring.
      • A large black man entered the ring, and towered over Zeus by at least eight inches.
      • Watching from many rows behind the center ring Marvin sits surrounded by eager children all of whom gaze at the ringmaster in awe.
      • She trotted around the ring, doing circles at the far end.
      • After about a half circle of the ring they were asked to stop their horses.
      • Her stomach seemed to be trying out for a three ring circus, with all the flips that it was doing.
      • Scene 2: An enclosed ring outside the stables at Belleterre, an hour later.
      • Then I picked up my sword, which I had rested on the fence surrounding the ring.
      • The overhead shots of the circus ring seem at first sight to be POV yet in the shots of Lola her eyes alternate between moving in panic and being actually shut.
      • Attention was one thing, but hanging out with Wil Davis was like being in the center ring at a circus.
      • Facing us was the usual circus ring, carpeted with sawdust; the lights dimmed and the show began.
      • What do think I'm running here - a three ring circus?
      • Suddenly, Alex ran to one of the stone steps leading from the seats into the ring, and rushed back towards her.
      • He gave me press credentials, which allowed me to sit at the ring apron.
      • Murdoch took the lead rope attached to his halter and led him into the ring.

    • 2.3bull ring

      ruedo masculine

    • 2.4(at race course, in UK)

      recinto para apuestas masculine

    • 2.5(in livestock market)

      corral de exposición masculine

  • 3

    • 3.1(of criminals)

      red feminine
      banda feminine
      vice/drug ring red de corrupción/de narcotráfico
      • spy ring red de espionaje
      • In related news, seven Brits pleaded guilty today to taking part in one of the world's biggest Net porn rings.
      • Five Brits have been arrested in the United Arab Emirates under suspicion of involvement in an Internet drug smuggling ring.
      • At first they don't get along, but in the course of investigating a murder, they uncover a drug ring… and a friendship.
      • Criminals pursuing identity theft, phishing scams, and spam rings are running rampant on the internet.
      • Clever editing had Bertie Ahern involved in a ring supplying worn Westlife underwear to fans in the east.
      • But besides being the only woman in the drug ring, there was nothing out of the ordinary about her.
      • The $80,000,000,000 claimed by organized crime and drug rings will now go to honest workers.
      • If he agreed to the job the Doctor had just about given him the green light to take over small countries or start up his own drug smuggling ring.
      • Stephen described how he leaded as chief of his group, ambushing into the house where the drug ring was stationed.
      • It seems that the pair were working undercover in a drug ring.
      • There was always some sort of gang fights or drug rings or brothels around here.
      • You just happened to discover the methods of operation of a criminal ring that has confounded the authorities for the past three months.
      • His drug ring had been disrupted due to the raid, and Natalie had permanently wounded his shoulder with her bullet.
      • Three people have been jailed for a total of 10 years for their involvement in a multi-million pound software counterfeiting ring.
      • One didn't go into a drug smuggling ring and then walk right back out of it, especially if he sold out secrets to the FBI.
      • To cure Fred of his practical joking, Barney convinces his friend that he is running a counterfeiting ring out of his basement.
      • The FBI placed an undercover agent in a ring of anti-government anarchists who called themselves DOI, Day of Inclement or hostile weather.
      • It's a high place of crime, drug rings, and prostitution due to the obvious lack of law enforcement.
      • It's just that there seems to be a connection between the drug dealer ring and the Piper…
      • You were out on one mission and now you've developed all kinds of conspiracy theories and crime ring ideas.

    • 3.2Business

      cártel masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

  • 2

    (with pen, pencil)
    marcar con un círculo
    encerrar en un círculo
  • 3

    (bird) anillar
    to ring a bull ponerle un aro en el hocico a un toro

There are 2 main translations of ring in Spanish

: ring1ring2


Pronunciation /rɪŋ//rɪŋ/


  • 1

    (sound of bell)
    there was a ring at the door sonó el timbre de la puerta
    • a loud ring was heard se oyó un timbrazo
  • 2

    (sound, resonance)
    the ring of the smith's hammer el martilleo del herrero
    • the ring of horses' hooves on cobbles el sonido de los cascos de los caballos en los adoquines
    • his voice/the language has a harsh ring su voz/el idioma tiene un timbre áspero
    • the name has a ring to it el nombre suena bien
    • a name with a familiar ring to it un nombre muy conocido / que suena mucho
    • a story with a ring of truth una historia verosímil
  • 3British

    (telephone call)
    to give sb a ring darle / pegarle un telefonazo a algn informal
  • 4

    (set of bells)
    juego de campanas masculine

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (make sound)
    (church bell) sonar
    (church bell) repicar
    (church bell) tañer literary
    (telephone/alarm clock/doorbell/alarm) sonar
  • 2

    (operate bell)
    (person) tocar el timbre
    (person) llamar al timbre
    to ring at the door llamar a la puerta / al timbre
    • you rang, sir? ¿ha llamado, señor?
    • to ring for sb/sth
    • you have to ring for service tiene que llamar al timbre para que lo atiendan
    • she rang for the butler hizo sonar el timbre/la campanilla para llamar el mayordomo
  • 3British

    llamar (por teléfono)
    hablar Mexico
    to ring for sb/sth
    • she rang for a cab/doctor llamó un taxi/al médico
  • 4

    their shouts still rang in our ears sus gritos aún resonaban en nuestros oídos literary
    • the house rang with the laughter of children la casa resonaba con risas infantiles
    • the air rang with their shouts of joy sus gritos de alegría resonaban en el aire
    • the whole office rang with talk of the boss's wedding en la oficina no se hablaba sino de la boda del jefe
    • to ring true ser / sonar convincente
    • the characters ring false los personajes no son convincentes
    • her laughter rang hollow su risa sonaba forzada
    • their boasts/threats rang hollow sus alardes/amenazas no convencían a nadie
  • 5

    (ears) zumbar

transitive verb

  • 1

    (church bell/handbell/doorbell) tocar
  • 2British

    llamar (por teléfono)
    hablarle a Mexico
    ring the doctor llama al médico