Translation of ring main in Spanish:

ring main

red de abastecimiento eléctrico, n.


  • 1

    (electrical supply)
    red de abastecimiento eléctrico feminine
    • He said the new machine would bring significant advantages to people living close to the ring main which circles the city.
    • Consumers will benefit from the new gas ring main linking Galway and Limerick to the grid while the Government has decided to extend the gas network to the north west.
    • Backbones and ring mains are laid around cities as other infrastructure is buried.
    • Contractors are working round the ring mains, which vaguely follows the Bradford Ring Road, in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • 2

    (system of pipes)
    red de tuberías feminine
    • Work on the Channel Tunnel itself, on the ring main for London's water, and on the Jubilee Line extension, happened out of sight.
    • The average cost of the road is expected to be in the region of £750,000 per km of the 3.9km road, with an additional £800,000 for a new river crossing and £350,000 foul water ring main (drainage).
    • Mr Thompson added: ‘We'll be working on the ring main, a large diameter pipe which runs around the outskirts of the city and feeds the smaller pipes taking water to customers homes.’
    • The Trust installed a ring main and new water tanks at a cost of £100,000.
    • Once outside the new ring main 35 to 40 percent of treated water is lost in leakage.
    • The workers are cleaning Bradford's ring mains water pipes at the rate of about 1km per week.