Translation of ringside seat in Spanish:

ringside seat

asiento junto al cuadrilátero, n.


  • 1

    (at boxing match) asiento junto al cuadrilátero masculine
    (at boxing match) asiento junto al ring masculine
    (at other events) asiento de primera fila masculine
    (at other events) butaca de primera fila feminine
    • I had a ringside seat for what could be a fight to the death.
    • While there, I was fortunate enough to have ringside seats for Thai kickboxing, a real treat.
    • The demand for tickets has been growing steadily and it looks as if all the ringside seats will be sold out in advance.
    • It is difficult to know whether to laugh at, or cry for, the unfortunates who shelled out up to £500 each for ringside seats at the ‘fight’ last Saturday night.
    • Larry said the ringside seats are going to sell no matter what the price.
    • A film like this succeeds not only because of the story and characters, but because the fight scenes are filmed in such a way that we're in the ring with the fighters, not merely spectators watching from a ringside seat.