Translation of ringtone in Spanish:


tono de llamada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɪŋtoʊn//ˈrɪŋtəʊn/



  • 1

    tono de llamada masculine
    ringtone masculine
    • Polyphonic sound is basically a ringtone that can produce more than two notes at a time, sixteen to be precise, allowing for a tune that covers a broader spectrum of music.
    • The most popular downloads in the mobile content marketplace are ringtones, music and games.
    • The manufacturer has given the phone an additional loudspeaker, so that ringtones, alarms and speaker calls sound much clearer.
    • Cara had one fleeting thought: Hey, that sounds just like my ringtone.
    • The caller and recipient both hear a ringtone and, once the recipient clicks on Answer Call, the call is initiated.
    • Mobile phone ringtones are seen as the basis for an increasingly lucrative music market - sales have already outstripped CD singles.
    • Planes will no longer be a haven from irritating ringtones with the arrival of cheaper ways to allow mobile phones to be used on aircraft.
    • Songwriters collected $71m last year in royalties from the sale of mobile phone ringtones.
    • The latest trend in mobile phone is customising ringtones.
    • The room grew silent, which made the sound of my ringtone seem that much more invasive and violating.
    • However, the text failed to advise them that, as a result of requesting and receiving the free ringtone, they would also be signing up to receive three ringtones a week costing £1.50 each.
    • The theme tune is now available as a ringtone for your mobile.