Translation of rink in Spanish:


pista de hielo, n.

Pronunciation /rɪŋk//rɪŋk/


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    (ice rink) pista de hielo feminine
    (skating rink) pista de patinaje feminine
    • That's because Olympic contests are played on a wider ice rink that opens up the game and gives the elite players space to be creative.
    • There was a large ice rink in the center and all around the perimeter there were people lounging about and putting on their skates.
    • My skates glided over the ice as I did a few quick laps around the indoor ice rink.
    • Her main winter sport was ice-skating down at the rink in Officer's Square.
    • Katalyn and Greg skated out to the center of the rink.
    • But her father never took her to the ice rink to play again.
    • The local baseball field had been flooded to make an outdoor ice rink and every night people flocked to it to skate.
    • Jessica and I went ice skating at an indoor ice rink.
    • After a few laps around the rink without any help, Samantha became more confident.
    • For 6 Euros (about 5 bucks real money), you get a rented pair of skates and entry to the rink for up to 3 hours.
    • We had been planning to skate on the pond because it was still frozen over, but Mr. Walker threw the puck onto the ice and it cracked so we moved to the indoor ice rink.
    • Liz sat on the spectator's bench at the ice rink with her cousin Megan, George's sister who had come out to visit for a few weeks.
    • The recently opened Colorado Springs World Arena and Ice Hall, with an Olympic-size ice rink, is where some of America's top figure skaters now train.
    • They play awesome music and you ice-skate or dance on the floor in the middle of the rink.
    • I step off the ice, and skate a victory lap around the rink, and grab the American flag that one of the fans held out for me.
    • A small child whizzed past her, and she almost stepped back onto the rubber platform that surrounded the rink.
    • She skated across the rink and came back next to me waiting for an answer.
    • Sarah sat on a bench at the edge of the ice rink, and tied her skates in the familiar way.
    • Megan, obviously, wasn't the greatest ice skater in all of Britain, but she could still make a few laps around the rink without falling, once she got used to it.
    • I pulled him by the hand for a lap around the rink.